T50 - Contest - Win your Fortune! - Betting (in Contests)

Mythology February 13 2010 12:29 PM EST

Roll up, roll up! Win money in the tournament without fighting a single battle! Roll up!

Test your scrying powers, predict who kills Dracula first!

5 Teams have set out to his castle, only one will return.


Odds are as follows :
Team Van Helsing 3/1
Team Blenderific 2/1
Team Blender 2/1
Team Jabberwocky 3/1
Team Unknown 2/1

Max bet - 100K


- To place a bet, send however much you want to play with to 'anyone' (the character :).
- Post on this thread how much you've laid and who you're backing :)

All profits (if any!) go toward future contests. This is just a bit of fun see who people think're going to win and get more interest from those without enough time to participate :)




Mythology February 13 2010 12:30 PM EST

Participants are also encouraged to have a flutter, show your team your confidence in them!

yooo February 13 2010 12:33 PM EST

What are the numbers next to the teams?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 February 13 2010 12:34 PM EST


100k on Team Unknown.

Mythology February 13 2010 12:35 PM EST

say for example you bet 100K on Team Jabberwocky if they win you would win 300K.

yooo February 13 2010 12:37 PM EST

100k on Team Unknown

yooo February 13 2010 12:37 PM EST

100k on Team Unknown!
Go! Team GO!

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] February 13 2010 12:39 PM EST

100k on us, Team Unknown.

TheHatchetman February 13 2010 12:44 PM EST

100k on Team Unknown

Mythology February 13 2010 12:46 PM EST

I'm changing the odds on Team Blender to 2/1 after realizing Nem was very drunk last night. If an admin sees this could you possibly edit that in original post please :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 February 13 2010 1:05 PM EST

I'll change my bet to Team Blender, if I may.

Mythology February 13 2010 1:22 PM EST

Yep that is okay Slayer :)

DoS February 13 2010 1:25 PM EST

100k on Blender :)

Mythology February 13 2010 4:52 PM EST

" To place a bet, send however much you want to play with to 'anyone' (the character :). "


yooo February 13 2010 4:54 PM EST

SK (I need more space) Mythology (Anyone) $100000 4:54 PM EST

lol sorry, didn't read the rules

Mythology February 14 2010 5:21 AM EST

Betting will close later today :)
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