Why am i losing? Help me CB strategists! (in General)

Pwned February 15 2010 10:00 PM EST

I don't get it....my strategy should be good but I'm getting owned by pretty much every other clan person. Help me CB masters! I should be the one owning!

Pwned February 15 2010 10:01 PM EST

Don't farm me :(

QBRanger February 15 2010 10:13 PM EST

Score 3,506,085
Power 1,593,163
MPR 983,892
Max Tattoo Level 1,851,946
Net Worth $95,091,802

Your strategy is just fine.

You have now entered the point where higher MPR/PR clan members notice you and your score. And your "fresh meat" for them to farm.

As long as you keep boosting your SoD to keep up with your ENC and damage production, you should be just fine.

On your strat, GA is likely to very helpful or will not be soon. You basically want to kill fast with the SoD and use DM to nuke as much of the enemy GA/AS. Personally on that strat, I would likely maximize my DM as much as possible.

Pwned February 15 2010 10:18 PM EST

my GA was at a bare min to take me off one list but now it doesn't work so I guess I'll take it off but like I said everyone has me on their list and I only have 1 clan person on mine. :(

Pwned February 15 2010 10:23 PM EST

should I get rid of PL?

QBRanger February 15 2010 10:24 PM EST

If you keep the HP on the enchanter, no.

If you make that enchanter just DM, yes.

Sickone February 15 2010 10:27 PM EST

You have under 1 mil MPR, which is pretty low... while your score is over 3.5 mil, which is quite attractive, so expect a lot of people to come hunting for you because of that huge disparity.
It's quite normal for the occasional person with less MPR than you to beat you, the game is designed in such a way as to be as much of a "rock-paper-scissors" style as possible, you would need a nearly godly strategy to NEVER be beaten by anybody near or slightly below your MPR.
You should only be worried when A LOT of people NOTICEABLY BELOW your own MPR start beating you on a regular basis... which, I bet, is not the case here, most of the people beating you have at least similar, but usually much higher MPR.
In other words... sorry, working as intended.

If you're really desperate to not get attacked (it's only clan points anyway, everybody goes through the occasional "negative period"), then you could always sacrifice your own growth rate and drop high-score targets from your fight list, to make yourself far less attractive... but that would be quite a bad choice, IMHO.

Sickone February 15 2010 10:32 PM EST

I mean, seriously, look at your own fight list summary - there's only _ONE_ enemy attacking you that's lower in MPR, and not that much lower... on the other hand, you get attacked by some people nearly 3 times your own MPR, and it's absolutely no surprise you lose to them (quite the contrary, it would be a miracle to _not_ get beaten by such adversaries).

Pwned February 15 2010 10:33 PM EST

Well I feel like my strategy is failing because of this downward trend thats happening to me, recently I've been losing a lot of people in my fight-list and I've been put on quite a few.

Pwned February 15 2010 10:36 PM EST

Those stats are wrong I'm losing to 3 that are lower because when I attack them I lose. They just haven't been farming me yet.

winner winner February 16 2010 7:30 AM EST

don't worry too much about it, it always happens during NCBs. My last NCB around 1m MPR, I had only 4 people on my fightlist and it went to 8 or so as I got to around 1.5m MPR.

Wraithlin February 16 2010 9:16 AM EST

I would untrain PL, since he's your first minion anyways and your SoD guy doesn't need to survive into melee, he is doing most of his damage during the ranged rounds.

Instead I would pick up GA, boost DM even more, and of course keep training HP on both your minions.

Wraithlin February 16 2010 9:18 AM EST

As a side note, I also started getting farmed by people 2-3 times my MPR at around the 3 mil score mark.

Welcome to the club I guess.

Joel February 16 2010 10:10 AM EST

Up until 3.2 million MPR I was only fighting 1-3 opponents. After that, the whole world opened up to me, so to speak. Just keep plugging away and grow as fast as you can! Eventually you'll lose a bunch of farmers, and then you'll be happy you didn't change much and slow down your growth. From where you are until 3.2 million MPR I had -1000 CPs constantly, but now I can get up to +1000 CPs! Just ask your clan to think of your future and keep trying to get stronger! Once you reach 4 million MPR you won't have any trouble keeping your CPs up!
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