Confirm post display error bug (in General)

AdminShade February 16 2010 11:42 AM EST

This is the way the confirm post page looks like to me, I find it highly annoying that there isn't an empty line between the message text and the note displayed below when inserting in HTML mode.

Confirm post

subject text
Message text
Note: if the post has a bunch of visible HTML tags then you probably should have selected "HTML" rather than "Plain Text." If you did select "HTML," tags with invalid attributes or javascript code have been removed.

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AdminTitan February 16 2010 11:55 AM EST

That's odd, there's a space for me.

Adios Muchachos February 16 2010 11:57 AM EST

no space here

AdminTitan February 16 2010 11:59 AM EST

Yeah, no space here, at first I thought you were talking about here:

subject text
Message text

Not below it.

AdminNightStrike February 16 2010 12:19 PM EST

Not really a bug per se, but there you go.

AdminShade February 16 2010 12:27 PM EST

Not really a bug indeed, but makes it a bit more clear, thanks.
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