it's that time again - strat talk (in General)

NooneKnows February 19 2010 12:00 PM EST

so, I was thinking about doing another ncb run.

hit me with your coolest strategy ideas. include number of minions, attributes to train, relative cost (let's give this one a scale, 1-10::SFBM cheap-4 heavy tanks. think of it as a log scale :) )

potential for reward - if I see something I like, I'll make it worth your while. heck, if I go with your strat, I'll even let you name the character, heh

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 19 2010 3:04 PM EST

The strategy is not cool or exciting but its the cheapest and at early game. Just have 4 minions with AoFs and corns. At the beginning train 2 with AS, 1 with AMF, 1 with GA, that is if your going to level an RoS with it. If you want you can do 1 with GA and 1 with AS switching off an RoE on them.

The strategy only costs for the AoFs and corns which can be expensive but you do not pay money for healing your minions and you get 100% challenge bonus very early on if you know what your doing. Worst thing about it is you will always loose to VA, DM, and RoBF but it is simple and works.

QBRanger February 19 2010 3:07 PM EST

It really depends on how many minions you plan to run.

If 4 minions, the RoS strategy is just phenomenal at excellent growth including the top level.

If 1 minion, the RBF based strategies are perfect. Go after those RoS character.

Guardian February 19 2010 3:14 PM EST

Wear your HAL and Build 1 Plinkguy using Enforcer Crossbow and have max HP on it to cover ya tatoo.

other strat would be you turn your current hal into TOA so u become stronger and than u can buld a second minion with PL or a mage, i think u should not quit from your current team and just improve it with more minions

Wraithlin February 19 2010 3:45 PM EST

If you just want to accept losses to DM:

4 minion + Hal.

Full AS/ Full AS/ Full Giant Strength/ Full Haste

Equip 4 SoDs and uprade them as you want.

You can also toss in 1-2 exBows for a couple of the SoDs.

AoJ on whoever has the best gear for the Hal and toss him mid lineup.

It can be expensive to upgrade all of this stuff, but most teams will probably lose to the Hal even if your enchanters didn't have weapons.

Wraithlin February 19 2010 3:46 PM EST

Oh and the proposed name for the above strat: "Halfling Bomb Squad"

winner winner February 19 2010 3:51 PM EST

AS, AS, AS, GA, equiped with SF
equip 4x corn and 4x AoF
you can train a small AMF for decay if you want.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 19 2010 3:52 PM EST

To give you a cheaper version of Wraith's strat go with only 2 minions, 1 training AS the other training GS. Give both minions a little dex to get them above base and junction on a hal. Use whatever 2 ranged weapons you want on them. The hal has enough dex to compete with tanks already.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 19 2010 3:53 PM EST

This way it is much stronger vs DM.

Wraithlin February 19 2010 3:56 PM EST

However Nem, it is now less than four halflings with less than four slingshots, I argue that four halflings is always better than two, especially when armed with slingshots.

Rawr February 19 2010 9:42 PM EST

^ incorrect. EC is much more effective with more minions to cast against.

Wraithlin February 20 2010 12:46 AM EST

My last comment was a joke, I know Nem's strat is better.
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