Should i change AS to EC? (in General)

Gandalf February 25 2010 2:26 PM EST

I'm thinking of changing my minion 'Healer' From an AS enchanter to a EC enchanter as the higher tanks are hitting my hard with there big weapons.

I already have an AS minion atm, and as my strategy i have now is serving me ok, hitting 90% CB, im feeling this will help me a little, however i'd like some advice before i do.

I would get 25mil xp if i unlearned AS, would that be a sufficient EC with a corn put on it?

What you guys think? thanks.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 25 2010 2:28 PM EST

No, its really not going to help you much at all. EC is best used for helping a tank get a better dex ratio or else going for the full drain. You don't have enough exp to go for the full drain and you don't have a tank yourself so you will just lose a lot of hp and not even notice a significant reduction in incoming damage.

Gandalf February 25 2010 2:31 PM EST

Thanks Nem, i know you know your stuff so i will 100% listen to you, any other tweaks i could do to my char? just that not alot of chars up high have 2 AS enchanters, just seems like i'm wasting a minion atm..

On the other hand im guessing the 1.6mil of HP is keeping me alive alot longer. :)

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 25 2010 2:34 PM EST

The only real adjustments I could say might be useful for you would be potentially switching offensive spells. Namely SG goes well with a setup like that because it handles AMF the best. The loss of exp on your mage would hurt though. The only other suggestion I can give is get some equipment and then give a base SS to your mage.

Gandalf February 25 2010 2:38 PM EST

Thanks, will take this on board, only been playing properly again for a month or so since i've been back and all the recently added spells like SS i dont really know how to use properly, looks cool though and i'll look into it. Thanks again Nem

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 25 2010 2:41 PM EST

Corn, BoE and AoF on your enchanters. BoF on healer or whichever minion you put in the front.

Gandalf February 25 2010 2:44 PM EST

Cheers. :)

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 25 2010 2:47 PM EST

I just saw 1 more thing to think about for when you have enough money. You could move the familiar onto a different minion from the mage so that you can use full mage gear on the mage and full junction gear on the familiar. If you do this the best place would most likely be on the GA enchanter as that will hurt you the least from being smaller.

Gandalf February 25 2010 2:49 PM EST

haha Nem, i did have it on their to start with and recently swapped it thats why my CoI is up for sale, I'll take sale down and build my mage properly :)

QBRanger February 25 2010 3:09 PM EST

Have you thought about switching to a RoS? If all your minions are simliar in size, it may be a great tattoo for you to pick a few targets for 100% CB.

Gandalf February 25 2010 3:17 PM EST

No i havented Ranger, all my minions are very similar xp wise. hmmm decisions..

QBRanger February 25 2010 3:20 PM EST

I think you also need to have some sort of EO spell.

Perhaps 100k in AMF to help vs Decay. If you do go RoS, I would start to get 100k in AMF and learn DM, possibly on the GA minion to 40% of your RoS level.

Either way, your strat, with appropriate items seems solid and with your score/PR ratio, not too shabby.

Gandalf February 25 2010 3:20 PM EST

Just thought about that, and it looks a very very tempting idea! So all my AS's and GA gets boosted if i had a RoS. Would i have enough damage coming in from my MM is my only concern.

Gandalf February 25 2010 3:22 PM EST

Right, think im going to do this, build up some money and buy the items required and i think i have a solid strategy. Thanks Ranger :)

QBRanger February 25 2010 3:28 PM EST

So all my AS's and GA gets boosted if i had a RoS.

No, only the ED that is on the minion who equips the RoS. Gets a 50% boost to its level, not subject to addition by items.

All your EDs get protection from opponents and your DM by 40% of the RoS level. And you can learn AMF and DM together as long as your DM is less than 40% of your RoS level.

By 40% of the RoS level, I am typing about the effective DM level, after the 80% factor, not the learned or after items level.

Would i have enough damage coming in from my MM is my only concern.

That is a good concern.

Most people using the RoS strategy rely on AS/GA to kill their opponents and use a DD to "mop up".

Most use SG as it has the highest output that gets magnified by opponents AC.

The 2 main problems RoS users face are the RBF and heavy DM.

Heavy DM is self explainatory.

RBF due to the immunity of its damage from GA and the "trivial" bonus it gets on the wearer to magic resistance.

Most RoS users choose the SG route to try to overcome the MR of the RBF and give themselves a chance to beat RBF characters. However, most fail in that attempt as I see battle logs.

But at 2M MPR, there are plenty of higher score targets for you to attack using the AS/GA axis of damage with MM or SG as mop up to get 100% CB.

Gandalf February 25 2010 3:35 PM EST

Ahh right, i thought if all my ED's got boosted it seemed rather too good to be true, but still it seems it would be a great addition.

I like the idea of the RoS protection very much, and im sure with the right gear i could do ok with the AS/GA idea.

I'm hitting around 300-450k with my MM atm and he's not fully boosted with mage gear, so my mage should do a good job at cleaning up.

Hopefully :)
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