Fight Feed (in General)

Kompton Kidd February 27 2010 3:22 PM EST

Why don't supporters have the right to disable this useless feature?

Wraithlin February 27 2010 3:37 PM EST

you could generate a windows error and then place that popup box over the fight feed and you don't have to see it then.

QBRanger February 27 2010 3:40 PM EST


This has been suggested numerous times and will not happen per the developers and Verifex.

Although I agree with your thinking. It is quite useless to me and I would welcome the ability to turn it off.

Mythology February 27 2010 3:51 PM EST

Its actually useful when you're in the tourny :)

Wraithlin February 27 2010 3:53 PM EST

I like to cheer for people fighting.

I heard vegas started up a gambling racket around it too, you can bet on how many wins each person will get in the next 5 minutes or who the next person to get blended will be, etc.

Miandrital February 27 2010 4:04 PM EST

If you use greasemonkey, I have a script to take out my fight feed: click me

Demigod February 27 2010 6:42 PM EST

I look at the fight feed when I burn BA rapidly. It's a better (read: less tedius) indicator of getting attacked than just staring at your score looking for it to drop or constantly checking Recent Battles.

That being said, I don't play CB on phones where it might not be as easy to follow.

My idea, that I've tossed out before and I will toss out to the new "PC", is to have a few simple tools that the players can select to have appear in the left panel. These basic items can be the fight feed, an auction feed, a calculator, or a user-uploaded pic of their team.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 27 2010 8:05 PM EST

On my laptop, the Fight Feed has disappeared. Donno how.

On my Work PC, or my Wifes, it's still there.

I kinda miss it on my Lappy... :(

Demigod February 27 2010 9:07 PM EST

Weird, GL. Delete and reinstall Java?
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