Gandalf/hzarb (in Public Record)

Gandalf March 1 2010 2:27 AM EST

hzarb is loaning me 15 mil at 6% interest, please confirm. :)

Gandalf March 1 2010 4:18 AM EST

money received. :)

hzarb March 1 2010 4:18 AM EST

Confirmed - CB$ transferred.

hzarb (The Lega Bank) Gandalf (CodeGeass) $15000000 4:17 AM EST

Gandalf March 2 2010 2:41 PM EST

So i owe $15,900,000 - I'll round that to 16mil - hoping to start payments within the next 2 weeks.

P.S got 2mil on my current loan to pay off then im all yours Hzarb.

Gandalf March 4 2010 2:55 PM EST

Ready to start making payments.

Gandalf March 7 2010 5:18 PM EST

1 mil down. 15mil to go. Sorry for the delay.

Gandalf March 12 2010 3:43 AM EST

Another 1mil down. 14mil to go :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 12 2010 7:00 AM EST

This debt has been taken over and to be paid by Cause Fear as a part of a deal with me. It can be referenced in this thread:
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