Fix soon please? (in General)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 7 2010 4:13 PM EST

This is becoming a real pain: Largest character + BA cost [tourney]

AdminNightStrike March 8 2010 8:13 AM EST

This is one of those things where if I don't fix it when I'm looking at it, I forget and don't come back to it. Sorry :(

If only there were more hours in a day.....

AdminNightStrike March 8 2010 8:14 AM EST

FTR, this is one of those things I expect from the CPC, to keep track of all this stuff.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 8 2010 8:23 AM EST

how would you like that to happen, i have started using the "known issues" page in the wiki again already. does that suffice?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 8 2010 9:12 AM EST

i see that i had added that already in december so perhaps the known issues page isn't the best place? or do i just need to clean it up?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 8 2010 9:46 AM EST

Maybe instead of the way it's organized now, we organize it by urgency?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 8 2010 9:55 AM EST

i would definitely be willing to do that as well and had thought of that also. since i really do not know code or understand much about programming, he would have to let us know what is urgent or not and likely what is a simple fix as opposed to hella hard! ; )

AdminNightStrike March 8 2010 10:37 PM EST

The hardest part with the known issues is finding people to give me more information when I have time to look into stuff. I'd like to grab an issue and have people availble to say "Hey, tell me what this is all about". Novice has been wonderful at this for a while, as has JS and one or two others. (Nothing against you... they're just in chat, so it's realtime communication.)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 8 2010 10:46 PM EST

no offense taken, that makes sense. i will do what i can to document and hopefully someone in chat can help as well? mainly if i need to do something differently let me know, otherwise status quo for the win!

; )
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