Largest character + BA cost [tourney] (in General)

QBOddBird November 24 2009 12:28 AM EST

My Tournament character, being the largest active character I have, is increasing my BA cost.

This should not happen; it should be separate. I specifically retired my larger characters to lower my BA purchase cost, but with this glitch, I'm effectively being penalized for participating in the tourney.

I'm requesting a fix, if any devs have the time available to do so. Thanks!

rrowland November 24 2009 1:42 AM EST

Same problem here, please fix <3

AdminNightStrike November 24 2009 7:10 AM EST

So if you switch to a non-tourney character, your BA cost doesn't change?

I was fairly certain that the BA pools for T and Non-T were separate.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 24 2009 7:12 AM EST

Nope for some reason they are connected, I ran into this yesterday but thought that just meant you cannot buy BA for your T-Char.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 24 2009 7:14 AM EST

Well the BA Costs side in reverse is what I meant. Same thing though, the costs for both my Main and T-Char are the same for me :-/

QBOddBird November 24 2009 8:32 AM EST

Correct NS

It's not like some sort of emergency issue or anything

but I was under that impression too, and there's still that one remaining link.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 24 2009 8:36 AM EST

BA cost is based on largest active char... setting t chars as exceptions to this rule would be awesome.

BHT November 24 2009 9:39 AM EST

They should be exceptions anyways.

Neo Japan November 24 2009 10:07 AM EST

whats to stop someone from making a T char, buying BA and using it on their main char?

I don't do touneys, so I don't know if they don't share BA, but last I knew, they did.

BHT November 24 2009 10:09 AM EST

You can't buy BA with tourney chars.

QBOddBird November 24 2009 11:34 AM EST

Last time I checked, you could. I reported that bug awhile back, and just haven't tried to buy any since to see if it was still in effect.

BHT November 24 2009 12:55 PM EST

You can't.

QBRanger November 24 2009 1:03 PM EST

"whats to stop someone from making a T char, buying BA and using it on their main char?:"

Tourney characters have their own pool of BA.

You cannot buy BA with a T character, but this certainly sounds like a bug which hopefully is a quickish type fix.

Perhaps making your T character "invisible" to the program when calculating BA costs is the best solution.

Maybe we as players would then need to name all our T characters with a specific letting in front to help with this.

I hope NS or Jon can figure it out.

AdminNightStrike November 24 2009 4:30 PM EST

"if (d=='tmode') msg='Tournament parties cannot purchase BA'"

Guess that answers that question :)

On to the rest...

QBRanger November 24 2009 4:31 PM EST

That simple?


AdminNightStrike November 24 2009 4:47 PM EST

That was just something I found in the code.. so we know for sure that t-chars aren't allowed to purchase. Now the issue of having a t-char being your best char... That's a little trickier.

BHT November 24 2009 5:11 PM EST

Yes, that is the pop-up that comes up when you try to buy BA with a T char.
It seems odd that your not allowed to purchase BA with them yet they still affect your ba costs.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 24 2009 7:26 PM EST

I may be a little naive, but it should just be another if clause. Some where along the part where it determines what character to use to determine BA price. An if clause that just says like if char is tourney char, do not include in possibilities.

AdminNightStrike December 12 2009 10:14 PM EST

I forgot about this... can someone write it up neatly in the wiki known issues?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 12 2009 10:25 PM EST

also done.

DoS December 12 2009 10:27 PM EST

This is going to suck in a few days when my T character passes me. I sure hope it doesn't use my NCB rate * what it would charge the T character.
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