CPC Idea Thread (in General)

Demigod March 8 2010 10:05 PM EST

This thread is a dumping ground to put ideas for the CPC to consider. It's a brainstorm thread, not a demand thread. Just toss your ideas in here, even if they have been mentioned before. Keeping this streamlined will make things easier, so please, just place your ideas and leave out complaints.

If anyone starts an argument, I will ask that the thread be closed.


To get started, here are some of mine:

* Bring back LumpBot. For those who didn't play CB1, LumpBot was a program that would run in chat, tossing out random facts and greeting players. It was well known for hitting players with carp (yes, the fish), and it did an excellent job of kick-starting a silent chatroom. LumpBot belonged to Lump, the player, but I'm sure he would donate the program to CB if he still has it.

* Kill Shire. With fire. The lowest realm is useless now. Merge it with the next higher realm or just restructure them to make it useful. As it stands, new players click on the stats links and see themselves in top ranks after just a week, and they only see a couple of other players competing with them. It doesn't give new players motivation to play, it just makes them feel like the game is dead with no active players.

* Make the HoC work for melee-only fighters. If you want to boost melee, here's the item. Right now, it gives an extra round to ranged (physical) attacks. Make it so that a melee fighter with no ranged weapon can attack in the last ranged round.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 8 2010 10:10 PM EST

woot for lumpbot!

make uc match the rest of the damage types in the game in their linear nature.

; )

Mythology March 9 2010 4:18 AM EST

Let clans have images like characters do :)

(one day... one day...)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 9 2010 9:06 AM EST

remove new players chat, dump new players right into carnage (immediately, not after the tut)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 9 2010 9:26 AM EST

Have Clans:
Be able to change their name.
Have a member History.
A Clan Tag separate from individual name.

Remove or Separate Retired Chars/T-Chars Records from Regular Char Records.

Have a way to Separately Search for N*Bs for Comparison and Congratulatory purposes.

Maybe have a Bot in place to recognize players for reaching major Milestone.

Just a few things I have mentioned before and still have on my mind.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 9 2010 9:38 AM EST

Just to make it clear on the above. No not all of them are my original ideas and these are personal thoughts that are not connected to the CPC.

Demigod March 9 2010 2:21 PM EST

*Remove New Players chat
*Add clan member history


Pwned March 9 2010 2:29 PM EST

Make Proc abilities/spells

AdminG Beee March 9 2010 4:23 PM EST

We're all about milestones and where we are on the ladder at any one time.

Tidy up this kind of thing so that it doesn't look so cheap n' nasty to newcomers. Do we really need all the page numbers?

Unappreciated Misnomer March 12 2010 2:44 PM EST

On the fight page, the XP rewards when totaling 1000 and over dont have the appropriate comma, what gives?

I feel this matters just because now i see it all the time, it bothers me :D

winner winner March 12 2010 3:18 PM EST

Make SS a skill
Remove encumberance
Have 1 week long tournaments with BA caps

Lord Bob March 12 2010 3:26 PM EST

Kill Shire. With fire.

Is there any need for Realms at all? Do they serve any purpose whatsoever?

AdminG Beee March 12 2010 3:32 PM EST

Yes, it gives newbs a chance to be top of a pile for while.

Cube March 12 2010 3:41 PM EST

I thought that's what the NUB was for.
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