AK/Tal (in Public Record)

AdminTal Destra [Battle Royale] March 20 2010 10:18 PM EDT

AK is loaning me 5.8m so i can consolidate some outstanding debt i have. he is charging me 4% interest.

i will owe him 6,032,000

Admiralkiller March 20 2010 11:18 PM EDT


Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) $6032000 11:17 PM EDT

Admiralkiller March 20 2010 11:21 PM EDT

Opps sent you too much, mind sending me the extra back and minus the xfer fee off the total you owe me as it was my mistake?

AdminTal Destra [Battle Royale] March 21 2010 11:47 AM EDT

Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) $232000 11:46 AM EDT

now on with the debt!

AdminTal Destra [Battle Royale] March 22 2010 9:20 PM EDT

Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) $6032000 9:20 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike March 22 2010 10:16 PM EDT

You borrowed 6m to pay it back a day later?

Zenai March 22 2010 11:53 PM EDT

Not really NS, he got a loan to buy a Tat from me. I settled for a lower Down Payment so he could pay AK off.
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