AK/Tal (in Public Record)

AdminTal Destra March 20 2010 10:18 PM EDT

AK is loaning me 5.8m so i can consolidate some outstanding debt i have. he is charging me 4% interest.

i will owe him 6,032,000

Admiralkiller March 20 2010 11:18 PM EDT


Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) $6032000 11:17 PM EDT

Admiralkiller March 20 2010 11:21 PM EDT

Opps sent you too much, mind sending me the extra back and minus the xfer fee off the total you owe me as it was my mistake?

AdminTal Destra March 21 2010 11:47 AM EDT

Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) $232000 11:46 AM EDT

now on with the debt!

AdminTal Destra March 22 2010 9:20 PM EDT

Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) Admiralkiller (MoneyGrub) $6032000 9:20 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike March 22 2010 10:16 PM EDT

You borrowed 6m to pay it back a day later?

Zenai March 22 2010 11:53 PM EDT

Not really NS, he got a loan to buy a Tat from me. I settled for a lower Down Payment so he could pay AK off.
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