Few ideas for tournaments. (in General)

Mythology March 28 2010 10:53 AM EDT

Just a few ideas, as there currently isn't a tournament or word of any coming anytime soon? Thought few ideas might help the admins if they're little demotivated? :)

Some take some reading to understand, the ideas are there anyway even if the implementation and how exactly they would work is not immediately clear unless you think about it :)

1) Colours - True Team Tournament
Duration : 2 weeks
Ba : 1,000 starting, 200 per day
Rules : When players join the tournament they must put within their character name the tag [Grey].
Once they have reached 10K score an admin assigns them a team either [red], [blue] or [green] randomly.
Characters may not fight anyone from their own team at any point, if they do then reset to Grey and basically cant play anymore.

On the last day when the tournament finishes teams are judged by standing in scores : 1st - 10pts, 2nd - 5pts, 3rd - 4pts, 4th - 3pts, 5th - 2pts, 6th to 10th - 1pts.

Prizes given out equally to all members of the winning colour, no bonus for individual standings, team play ftw!

Basically a fairly regular tournament to get as decent characters as possible then on the last day a lot of strat changes and frantic fighting to drag the other team's players out of the top spots in the score rankings.

2) Sinking Ship
Duration : 1 Week
BA : No limit
Rules : All players are on a sinking ship (surprisingly!), each day the water rises and to stay on the ship which has less and less room on it all players must achieve a certain goal for example :
Day 1 : Achieve 200K in cash (to bribe the crew)
Day 2 : Achieve 100K PR (survival of the fittest)
Day 3 : Beat character "women and children" (because they dont always come first).
If a character fails to achieve the bar they are [drowned] and no longer take part in the tournament.
The character with the highest MPR on each day begging on day 2 is given a [life boat] and is classed as surviving and no longer competes sitting pretty in their boat.
Therefore on the 5th day there will be 5 winners in life boats :)

3) The Gladiators of Carnage Blendicus
Duration : 3 weeks
Ba : 160 cap per day
Rules : May only fight other tournament participants. Sign-ups have to be made within the first 3 days.
One minion only, Highly restrictive spell + weapons + armour, basically anything that feels like gladiators would use them.
Each day the character with the lowest number of battles won is [slain] and removed from the tournament. Any left at the end share a prize pot.
Additional creatures like "pack of lions" characters and the like which grant either items / money / ability to train skills if beaten may also be included :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 28 2010 11:44 AM EDT


I already have plans for the next tournament, but I decided to give everyone a small break after the length of the last one :)
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