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Demigod March 28 2010 9:29 PM EDT

Joel made the mistake of volunteering pics for editing. I'm offering $1,000,000 for your efforts. The prize(s) will be awarded by Joel himself, in whatever arrangement he chooses. He could decide to give it all away to one person or $100k to ten people. It's his call.

Edit the pics however you wish. Use whatever editor you have available. Since the past few contests have been lacking in participants, I am asking you all to contribute something. Quality doesn't matter. I am not eligible for this contest, but I will post for fun.

Here are a couple of links to help out:
LunaPic -- This is a simple online image editor
DYI.Despair -- DIY demotivator online, and very easy to use

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions. There are 17 in total, but I am only posting some of them here. For the others, just follow the link to Photobucket. And if you have any other pics of Joel, feel free to use them.


All 17 Pics Here

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 28 2010 9:34 PM EDT

Demigod March 28 2010 9:42 PM EDT

Oh, and if anyone doesn't know how to post pics, just CM me.

Joel March 29 2010 1:51 AM EDT

W00T!! I love the belly-face gag! How did you know!?

Messbrutal March 29 2010 2:03 AM EDT

Here is a quick attempt at a previous contest that didn't live long. I'll be working on something else to come up within a day or 2.

Salketer [big bucks] March 29 2010 2:29 AM EDT

Demi thanks a lot for the DYI tool! I'm gonna be using it so much that everyone's gonna want to kill you for sharing it :)

On a side note, here is what I came with...

Thank you so much Joel for making those funny faces on pics that usually would represent "kick-a*" people.

Messbrutal March 29 2010 2:40 AM EDT

Made this a little sooner then expected.

kevlar March 29 2010 2:46 AM EDT


kevlar March 29 2010 2:47 AM EDT


Salketer [big bucks] March 29 2010 3:14 AM EDT

There is so much fun we can have with joel...


Thanks again Joel, hope you have as much fun as I did...

Salketer [big bucks] March 29 2010 3:19 AM EDT

For anyone interested... I used google image with PG, PG and "carnage" as my search topics...

Could not find anything interesting with blender :( I challenge someone to find a "potty" picture suited for use with or If they come from a mix of the google image search "potty" and they are chosen by Joel to win, I will double the prize he gives to you!!

Invader Sye March 29 2010 3:45 AM EDT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Invader Sye March 29 2010 3:57 AM EDT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RealAxis March 29 2010 4:33 AM EDT

Nice body!

IndependenZ March 29 2010 5:24 AM EDT

Joel, you rock. Providing us with these great but very personal images, just so we can amuse ourselves ;) That's why I decided to make you look good instead of bad! Click on the images for best viewing quality. Anyway, I thought this one would work best:

Photo of Joel!

Then, I started working on you :P

Muscular Joel!

And edited you into this animation!

Animated Joel!

Demigod March 29 2010 7:19 AM EDT

Whoo! Excellent way to get this started!

Demigod March 29 2010 7:26 AM EDT

Hmm. Salk's 2nd link to my pics collection came up with a message that "this pic has been removed or deleted," but the pic is still online. Here's the link again:

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 29 2010 9:13 AM EDT

Keep it PG, Salk.

IndependenZ March 29 2010 9:32 AM EDT

Okay okay I couldn't resist! Click the link for the full version of the image.

Joel is Dracula!

IndependenZ March 29 2010 9:37 AM EDT

Bah, jpeg sucks. Try this beautiful PNG file of Joecula.

Joel March 29 2010 10:19 AM EDT

OH MAN!!! Wow, I have never been so pleased in my entire life! Thank you everybody for these awesome edits to my masculine features! And thank you IndependenZ for a pic that I can use for a "After" pic in case I want to advertise the diet I've been on :P This is the most fun I've ever had!!! Keep abusing or improving my images!!

Salketer [big bucks] March 29 2010 11:39 AM EDT

Ah sorry about the unPG stuff :( My bad, I should stop posting when I'm drunk... I will try to edit the pic to make it PG.

Demigod March 29 2010 2:42 PM EDT

Joel looked a little "backed up" in this pic.


Demigod March 29 2010 7:07 PM EDT

Another easy edit:


Demigod March 30 2010 12:35 AM EDT

My coup de grace!

I'd buy a car from him -- to drive away quickly.


kevlar March 30 2010 1:16 AM EDT


Joel March 30 2010 2:09 AM EDT

ROFL!! Awesome! I hope to wake up to more hilarious picture of me being goofed up!

Demigod March 30 2010 7:02 PM EDT

Demigod (Demigod) Joel (Huge Pockets) $1000000 -- Contest 7:00 PM EDT

Funds sent to Zen to select the winner(s) whenever he chooses to end this.

If you want to add some more lovely submissions, get to work!

Joel March 31 2010 9:30 PM EDT

I need more!! 1 Million to the 40th funny picture! Kinda like a radio contest! The 40th picture wins!

Catch: I have to find it funny ^.^
There are 20 pics that I find funny, so far! A small prize will go to each person that makes a pic that I find funny, including the ones already submitted!
Prizes will be distributed once the 40th has been picked.
If you still have more ideas, then I'll give a 100,000 reward every 10th funny submission, after 40!

Joel April 3 2010 1:34 PM EDT

Gave everyone a good share of 1 million, but the most went to Salketer and IndependenZ!!! Demigod placed a close second! Way to go guys!
Thank you all for your awesome edits to my pictures! Me and my brother had sooooo many laughs!!

Recent Transfers
From IP To What When
Joel (Huge Pockets) IndependenZ (C.M. Burns) $100000 1:31 PM EDT
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Joel (Huge Pockets) kevlar (Pack Mule Service) $50000 1:31 PM EDT
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Joel (Huge Pockets) Demigod (Demigod) $100000 1:29 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) IndependenZ (C.M. Burns) $100000 1:28 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) RealAxis (Exodia) $50000 1:28 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) ltachi (ltachi) $50000 1:27 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) kevlar (Pack Mule Service) $50000 1:27 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) Salketer (Nedanilith) $100000 1:27 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) Messbrutal (Xanthan) $50000 1:26 PM EDT
Joel (Huge Pockets) Tal Destra (Sayomi Kimura) $50000 1:26 PM EDT

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 3 2010 2:51 PM EDT


I just couldn't resist X-D

Joel April 3 2010 3:20 PM EDT

Anyone else want to still make entries? The contest may be over, but the fun will never stop!

kevlar April 4 2010 2:14 AM EDT

Joel, hate to say it but contest over man >:)

kevlar April 4 2010 2:15 AM EDT

and with that said... submit new pics for a contest later >:] Thanks for the fun times!
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