So who's actually playing minethings? (in Off-topic)

Mythology April 5 2010 7:48 PM EDT

If you haven't heard of it, I mentioned it in chat a while back a couple of times as the most low-maintenance game I knew of when they say check it once a day they really mean it.

So yeah most who've tried it from here seem to have really liked it and I was wondering if we could do a head count (even if you've pm'd me about it, still please post here),

only mention it because thinking if you're up for, possibly starting a CB guild on there :)

Mythology April 5 2010 7:49 PM EDT

oops, could an admin put this in off-toipic please :}

Soxjr April 5 2010 8:14 PM EDT

I play. I should have never started though. lol. haha It's kinda addicting in a weird way.

Bolfen April 5 2010 9:12 PM EDT

i was intrigued, so i just created an account...bolfen...only found sneakers though

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 5 2010 10:00 PM EDT

i started an account just now.

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 6 2010 10:29 AM EDT

Created an account, but could be too boring for me. Waiting ages for something dug up and you need 10 melds to do anything other than wait.

stormboy April 6 2010 10:51 AM EDT

playing somnambulistically

Gandalf April 6 2010 12:12 PM EDT

i play. Got 15 melds and full standard equip atm.

Mythology April 6 2010 12:38 PM EDT

Sneakers ftw - I did that pic :P

And if there was a CB guild you guys interested or by looks of things not enough of us?

Salketer [big bucks] April 6 2010 2:13 PM EDT

I just started, sound nice so far!

I'd love to have a CB guild out there... Could even help to advertise CB a bit.

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 6 2010 2:16 PM EDT

just started

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 6 2010 2:53 PM EDT

SoS on the game btw

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 6 2010 4:39 PM EDT

dudemus is my name in minethings as well.

this reminds me of crafting in all the mmo's, minus all the other distractions like killing, questing, and levelling! ; )

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 6 2010 4:46 PM EDT

Reminds me more of my good friends Varda, Tulkas and Ulmo. ;)

But well, I got a red shirt. Woohoo.

Mythology April 6 2010 7:26 PM EDT

Yeah, CB is on my signature on the forums on there, one guy joined so far, he pm'd me saying he didn't really understand CB and was now losing to people and didnt have the money to heal and wasnt playing anymore. Tis what love best bout CB, the really gradual learning curve :/

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 6 2010 7:31 PM EDT

Should you start out mining things or gold?

Pwned April 6 2010 7:34 PM EDT


Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 6 2010 7:48 PM EDT

And use it to get?

Soxjr April 6 2010 8:52 PM EDT

first money should be to buy full set of flimsy and then buy standard equipment so you can find stuff faster. I stopped mining gold because a 200 gold find would usually be a blue item and if you got lucky to find an item like that. It is usually worth more than the gold you find, but the normal 1-5 gold which is yellow finds which average about 3 or 4 gold is much better than the 1g you get for the yellow and having to wait weeks sometimes to actually sell the item.. so that is all i can help with for now.

I mined gold till I got full flimsy and then went to mine things. Hoping to get a lucky blue or higher that might get you enough gold to buy another mine which will help a lot :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 6 2010 10:01 PM EDT

Alright thanks a lot! :)

Bolfen April 6 2010 11:23 PM EDT

How do I join a guild?

Demigod April 6 2010 11:35 PM EDT

I made an account and went through the whole tutorial, but it's looking grim. I'll log in a couple more times to see if the appeal grows before I quit.

TheHatchetman April 9 2010 1:12 AM EDT

if i own a starter mine, then i buy another starter mine, will that double my findings? or will i just be stuck choosing between mining from one or the other?

Soxjr April 9 2010 1:41 AM EDT

you can mine 3 mines at the same time and own as many as you can afford to buy. Each mine has a bucket per hour that people call BPH. It is about 180 buckets per find I think they say is the average, so if you end up with 3 mines mining at 40 buckets per hour you have a total of 120 buckets and you should find something every hour and a half on average. When you start at the beginning it's like 5 or 6 hours to find something which is why you want to get equipment to up your bph as fast as possible. The quicker you can get other mines, which if you don't use credits can take a long time, helps a lot. I hope that helps anyone that wants to enjoy the game.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 9 2010 2:01 AM EDT

Lol...this game is ridiculously slow if you don't buy credit. It will take 20-50 days to get enough money for a second mine. Unless their rare drop is pretty high which I doubt.

Pwned April 9 2010 3:07 AM EDT

Its really slow I found 2 worthless items in a 24 hour period

Pwned April 9 2010 3:08 AM EDT

Just mine gold till you get better gear

DoS April 9 2010 3:09 AM EDT

Does mining ever get easier or do you just end up mining more?

Soxjr April 9 2010 3:17 AM EDT

there are other parts of the game, once you get to where you have other mines, you can go be a pirate on the seas, trader, worker, those jobs that require the melds which use items. Like I make 2k a week or close to it because I have 40 melds and help manufacturers make things in their factories. This is definately not something for everyone. but some might like it :) but yes. very slow which is why myth said he only has to check his once per day or so. If I wanted right now I could stay away from the game for 2 days and my batteries still wouldn't run out. The batteries go up every meld you make 1 hour. So at 42 I'm at 2 days 10 hours. .. It's just something to check every now and then .. not a game to sit at and keep clicking on.

Gandalf April 9 2010 3:58 AM EDT

Thanks for the advice Sox :) Guessing I'll start mining items, as i just got a pretty hefty drop of 480g. And that would have been a blue item im sure.

Soxjr April 9 2010 4:00 AM EDT

Not to make you feel to bad, but I think that would have been a red item... if not a purple.. :( ... that's why I didn't mine gold for long, just long enough to get all green standard equipment then to mining things, hoping for the lucky blue or higher that sells for more than the gold find.

Gandalf April 9 2010 4:10 AM EDT

Ouch indeed! Sox, ive read the wiki but how do you buy another mine in a different city. Noone seems to sell them. I'm in Trader Tree atm.

Timberwolf April 9 2010 11:06 AM EDT

Just started today, mining for gold.
Does it take a long time to find it initially?

Gandalf April 9 2010 11:09 AM EDT

To find a worth full amount, yeah. :/

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 9 2010 11:10 AM EDT

it can, just check it at least every 16 hours to start as that is when your batteries will run down. you should have some gold by this time tomorrow though!

Timberwolf April 9 2010 12:01 PM EDT

Ok. It was a little misleading as the gold and items were racking up pretty quick in the tutorial.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 9 2010 12:19 PM EDT will take you about a day to get 5-15 gold ;). Unless of course you get lucky.

Mythology April 9 2010 10:04 PM EDT

Best way to start out is to load up photoshop, look for some items without images and get your creative juices flowing :P

2 images accepted and you've got your second mine :)

It really is a once a day type thinking man's game, bit like what i'd imagine playing chess by post is like :)

Mythology April 9 2010 10:07 PM EDT

According to the recent DB a basic starter mine should on average net you a day :

no equipment : 43 gold

Green equipment : 71

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 9 2010 10:17 PM EDT

Been playing for almost 3 days and I have decent equipment....and 43 gold is more than I have made so far.

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 10 2010 3:34 AM EDT

43 gold?? In 2 days I got 26. With yellow equipment not any better. Well, RNGs really seem to love me.

Wraithlin April 10 2010 4:52 AM EDT

23g in about 28 hours. And I think this is high because twice I found 5g in that time period, usually 3g and once I got 1.

I would say 18g on average for a 24 hour period at the start, once you get a full set of flimsy, maybe 24g or 1g per hour just mining gold.

Unless the 46g per day is based on no gear and 3 mines, then I can agree with that estimate.

Mythology April 10 2010 7:46 AM EDT

Actually I think the estimate is based on mining items not gold, really not sure that mining gold at the start is the way to go.

Basically the yellows and green are pretty rough as most go for 1g, however the blues + reds bring up the average, a lot

Basically of the 43g per day you get on average, 3 is from yellows, 2 is from greens, 22 is from blues and 11 from reds and 5 from purples.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 10 2010 2:46 PM EDT

Do you still mine and such if your a worker or trader?

Demigod April 10 2010 2:58 PM EDT

I've kept the game going, but I have jack crap so far. One bit of green equipment, zero melds, and just random findings -- all yellow but for one green.

I recently switched to gold to see if I get anything worth my time.

Demigod April 10 2010 3:00 PM EDT

Scratch that -- 1 meld.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 10 2010 3:02 PM EDT

Yeah starting out with gold is defiantly a good idea till you get all yellow and few green mining equipment. After that I am not sure which one is better. People say things so you can get lucky with a blue, but I haven't had said luck far.

Wraithlin April 10 2010 5:19 PM EDT

Well I guess i'm an advocate of swapping to mining things after you get full flimsy.

I got a blue as my second item dug up. Not sure what the percent chance on that is, but it will sell for roughly 200g and I can buy a full set of green mining gear.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 10 2010 6:01 PM EDT

Been playing for 4-5 days. Only have gotten yellow gold and items. Few mins ago I did get a green gold drop of 16. Yays...

Mythology April 11 2010 7:28 AM EDT

I still mine yeah ofc, everyone's first goal kind of really is to get 3 mines, then 3 good mines :) when I started out I made a picture for sneakers and it was accepted so rented an equipment mine for a week which got me off to a good start :)

I'm a worker at the moment in Cissna like sox (though he has lot more melds than me so much better wage), I'd do some trading, without a scout (bike vehicle, plus fastest) theres no use at the mo as I cant be arsed making a 50+ fleet of vans.

It is a massively slow game, very much a once a day (when you have the melds to make batts 24hrs+) following is very good excell spreadsheet,

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 11 2010 2:07 PM EDT

Wow...that is a very interesting spread sheet. Well I almost have enough melds to become a worker or trader :).

DoS April 11 2010 7:07 PM EDT

I can't help but to compulsively refresh every hour :|

Wraithlin April 11 2010 8:55 PM EDT

I log on maybe 4 times a day or so, just to make sure my batts don't run dry.

Seems like an interesting game, although not sure if I'll keep with it or not, not alot of active participation at low levels.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 12 2010 2:03 AM EDT

Haha Dos I know the feeling. It seems to me you don't get as much stuff whenever you check. Like I will go to bed and wake up and check and I will have 3-5 things found but while checking through out the entire day I only get 2-3.

Mythology April 13 2010 5:54 AM EDT

Wraithlin, mind if I ask exactly what kind of deal you did on that mine? Please say you're keeping the blues :)

TheHatchetman April 13 2010 7:59 PM EDT

Make a picture of a whaler for minethings!

Submit Art for Whaler
Earn 40 credits if your image is chosen!
Current Submissions: 0

Terms of Agreement
1. Any uploaded file will be stored on the server for evaluation purposes for as long as deemed necessary by or until the artist deletes the file himself/herself.
2. is free to decide whether it wants to use any submitted image.
3. If and when an image is chosen, the artist will receive 40 credits. At that point the image becomes the exclusive property of
4. If, after approving the image, determines that the image did not originally belong to the artist, will no longer use the image and the artist will lose the 40 credits received. If the artist does not have enough credits, his/her cheapest mine will be sold for the necessary credits. Please submit only your original content!
5. After purchasing an image, may decide to use a different image instead. In this general case, the artist keeps the 40 credits received.

Submitted image must be 290x230 (width x height) and 100kb or less.

Gandalf April 14 2010 6:03 AM EDT

Just mined a halfpipe, trying to sell it for 1400g.

Also going to start trading from place to place to make a small steady income while i wait for the big drops :) need to wait till i'm finished on the mine as a worker though haha.

TheHatchetman April 14 2010 11:25 AM EDT

I've been trasding in Harmond :P almost gave myself away last night when i was selling 2 flimsy lights at 9g each and buying 2 at 5 :P

Demigod April 14 2010 11:40 AM EDT

I actually like the tiny images that appear next to the gear. I'd love it if we could get something similar in CB. It would be a nice hint of graphics without actually changing anything important in the game or requiring much coding.

Bolfen April 15 2010 6:37 PM EDT

Ok, so far it's been maddeningly slow. It's been 10 days, and I've got enough for a full Flimsy and 6-7 melds.

Does it get better soon?

I saw Wraithlin's payplan idea and it sounded like a good idea. Any veterans want to do something similar with me? Something like, I'll kick 12 blue finds your way for an equipment mine? (and 1 red=8 blues)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 15 2010 6:38 PM EDT

i have also been going for ten days and have 7 melds.

DoS April 15 2010 8:39 PM EDT

10 days, 7 melds, and full standard :)

Salketer [big bucks] April 15 2010 8:44 PM EDT

9 days, 11 melds missing two standards.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 15 2010 9:32 PM EDT

i still have all flimsy. ; (

TheHatchetman April 15 2010 9:38 PM EDT

7 days, 9 melds, standard hat and belt, full flimsy otherwise, and trying to move 5 flimsy lights :P

Invader Sye April 15 2010 11:09 PM EDT

i almost have full standard, but this is a very slow game o.o

the longer you mine without checking, does that mean you will be more likely to find better things?

Wraithlin April 15 2010 11:16 PM EDT

no, sorry

Demigod April 17 2010 1:05 PM EDT

So far, mining gold is working out far better for me than mining items.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 18 2010 10:54 AM EDT

i bought another mine and now in the two pics it only shows gear on my first mine, is it possible to wear gear for the second mine as well?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 18 2010 11:27 AM EDT

another question, if you become a worker and work in others factories, do you still get to mine as well and if so does it have an effect on your mining?

Mythology April 18 2010 12:08 PM EDT

1) yeah equipment used in all 3 mines you have, the one at the top uses the best equipment filtering down to the last mine

2) yep can still mine, doesnt effect mining at all,

worker is bit like a stable income as opposed to trying to get a little profit from trading / fishin / pirating etc :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 18 2010 2:30 PM EDT

Yay finally got my first blue item! :)

Lochnivar April 18 2010 2:40 PM EDT

anyone else having CB camping flashbacks?

/me still only finds cheap junk

Bolfen April 18 2010 3:21 PM EDT

dudemas, how did you afford another mine already?

I've been arbitraging standard equipment for the last few days, but still only have about 500g's of stuff.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 18 2010 3:23 PM EDT

credits on paypal, i like the game and wanted to show support. i also figured that was the only way i would get better than flimsy gear so i bought an equipment mine. ; )

Mythology April 18 2010 3:36 PM EDT

Could a couple of you please post in the news thread on the minethings forum under the topic "Now hosting private guild forums" time hopefully to get our guild setup :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 18 2010 3:41 PM EDT

'tis done! ; )

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 18 2010 8:01 PM EDT


Wraithlin April 18 2010 8:03 PM EDT

I did a pay plan for my second mine, got 2k of it paid off already off the money I made from it, another 2k if one item i have up for sale goes. Got me about 4k total in one week.

Demigod April 18 2010 9:21 PM EDT

I always pay for USD items with by trading in-game currency with other players. There's no easy setup for that in this game.

And I clicked on the MineThings forums for the first time just now. In general, two of the most recent posts were by CB players (Wraith & Myth). :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 18 2010 9:43 PM EDT

in the forum post it says that miners of carnage is now set up. do we have our own forum there now or what exactly did we create?

TheHatchetman April 19 2010 10:03 AM EDT

just bought a fleet of donkeys for 1g apiece! >:D I'm going trader... :P

TheHatchetman April 19 2010 10:09 AM EDT

while i was looking at vehicles, couldn't help but notice that a scooter has more capacity and is more protective than a van...

Speed: 55
Capacity: 9
Attack: 0
Armor: 3

Speed: 55
Capacity: 9
Attack: 0
Armor: 3

Demigod April 19 2010 10:11 AM EDT

I'll notify the A-Team.

And those numbers show that they're the same.

Mythology April 19 2010 2:06 PM EDT

Idea with a guild is only communication I guess :)

1) so we can stop posting on CB :P
2) We get a guild picture on the forum + coloured names, woo! :P
3) Organise as a guild

When you get later on the game, specially on the seas its lot better to organise as a group of players, forming fleets and caravans.

Mythology April 19 2010 2:07 PM EDT

Oh yeah its setup btw, if you want to pm me in the game or on the forum will add you to the group, i'm Mythology, if cant find me i've 29 melds (yes, I know, I just moved!) on the miners list.

Demigod April 20 2010 10:49 AM EDT

Wraith has 66 melds? I've got 10, and there are a handful of easy ones I can pick up in the next few days, but how did you get to 66 so quickly?

I'm still a miner, but I'm thinking of switching to guard once I get better equipped.

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 20 2010 11:03 AM EDT

He's got 11. ;)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 20 2010 11:04 AM EDT

you guys get on the guild forum over there! ; )

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 20 2010 11:08 AM EDT

Like I want another game window open that I can get caught refreshing the forums. Hehe.

Demigod April 20 2010 11:21 AM EDT

Whew. There's another Wraith playing that game.

And those forums really aren't laid out well. Spamming CB is much better. :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 20 2010 4:34 PM EDT

So after you get 10 melds what would you recommend doing? Trading, Raiding, Guarding, or worker?

Demigod April 20 2010 4:56 PM EDT

I looked at the Worker profession, but I don't know what rate to charge in the "sell" category to mine for others. Is it an hourly rate or a daily rate?

Regardless, Guard looks more interesting, but I'm still sticking with mining for now.

12 melds

NooneKnows April 20 2010 6:22 PM EDT

worker listings are for weekly contracts.

11 melds!

Wraithlin April 20 2010 6:28 PM EDT

I have 12 melds, don't worry I'm not that much of a skyrocket.

Demigod April 20 2010 11:14 PM EDT

Can we just call it MineBlender? We're a clear presence in the early game.


[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] April 21 2010 3:56 AM EDT

So yeah, is it right that i have full standard and im lucky to find a green anything?

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 21 2010 4:33 AM EDT

Yeah. The prices grow exponential, and it reflects the probability to find each. And the gain in buckets/hour is just linear. (Even with another mine..)

Mythology April 22 2010 12:42 PM EDT

Well there's 11 CBers in the guild so far, why are you others not joining? Not want to mine alongside your CB brothers? There must be at least 5 of you out there in the wilderness all alone :P

Demigod April 22 2010 12:48 PM EDT

You can add me. But what's the use of a guild in MineThings? Can we transfer items?

Mythology April 22 2010 1:56 PM EDT

So that when you all have vehicles we can setup possibly the largest trade caravan ever seen :P The main guild in the game basically controls the seas by communication, land is lot harder to control. With hopefully in time a large number of us still playing and having some money behind us should help to have a group of us working together.

All in all just thought it'd be a good idea to all get together, share knowledge and info and in time help one another.

If not interested then hokay, last time I'll post on here, if you'd like to join the MoC (Miners of Carnage) just pm me in game :)

Demigod April 22 2010 2:05 PM EDT

Here's a link to the guild forums. It looks like the rest of us just need to post a request to join Miners of Carnage (I just posted mine).

DoS April 22 2010 3:34 PM EDT

So I'm a trader right now. What should I do now? Should I buy like 10 camels and then travel and stuff?

Invader Sye April 22 2010 3:42 PM EDT

traders buy items from cities and transport them to other cities where the items fetch for a higher price.

you can get your stuff jacked if highwaymen get you though

DoS April 22 2010 3:44 PM EDT

Got that Sye, but my question still stands. What I meant was what is an optimal amount of vehicles before traveling? Should I get camels or some other vehicle?

Demigod April 22 2010 3:56 PM EDT

Most of us are just starting and haven't tried the profession before. But I didn't think you could use more than one vehicle at a time. A camel gives you 6 cargo spaces with no real defense.

Just load it up and head out, and hope that you get enough profit to make the trip worthwhile. And afterwards, let us know what you learn.

TheHatchetman April 22 2010 4:05 PM EDT

multiple vehicles ain't really worth it til ya have tons of stuff to move back and forth. Camels are also near worthless... they move slow, have a fairly small load, and are easy targets for highwaymen. I'm using golf carts and scooters now. Once my vehicles are no longer en route, I'll likely switch back to being a worker seeing as the trader profession doesn't seem to offer anything more than 2 extra inventory slots I can't afford to use yet anyway :P

TheHatchetman April 22 2010 4:06 PM EDT

Now for a question of my own... how do i register for their forums?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 22 2010 4:23 PM EDT

Your automatically registered I think. To join the private forum though you have to post in the link above asking to be placed in the Miners of Carnage.

TheHatchetman April 22 2010 5:33 PM EDT

Won't let me post until I login, won't let me login until I register, won't give me a register link until I ???, Profit.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 22 2010 5:38 PM EDT

are you following the link from the mine things main web site? i believe it logs you in from there automatically.

TheHatchetman April 22 2010 5:47 PM EDT

hehe, thanks dude :P apparently i couldn't get it earlier cuz i used the link here.

Demigod April 22 2010 5:51 PM EDT

Once Myth accepts you into the clan, you'll gain a forum thread called Miners of Carnage.

Invader Sye April 30 2010 7:24 PM EDT

New: 328 gold

just found that, didn't know it could happen.

Soxjr April 30 2010 8:31 PM EDT

ok. the thing about vehicles. yes extra vehicles are super important. If you want to be a good trader you have to have a bubble. As in.. as an example. You have 15 vehicles. Send 7 vehicles out empty one after the other then send the 8th vehicle with the stuff you want in it and then send the other 7 vehicles empty one right after the other behind your vehicle with items. That way a faster highwayman that sends after you has to fight through your vehicles behind and any highwayman coming from the other direction fight through the front vehicles and hopefully your middle vehicle with the items makes it all the way. Usually you want a fast vehicle like a van. They are expensive about 50 to 100 gold each depending on where you buy them but they seem to be the best at 80 km/h speed.
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