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AdminNightStrike April 11 2010 12:37 AM EDT


2012 < TDAT < ID4.....

You're supposed to get better as your career progresses, not worse........

ScY April 11 2010 12:41 AM EDT

2012 was absolutely atrocious. Apart from most of the stuff in the film being scientifically unsound, there was quite poor cinematography+visuals imo. Its too bad it did as well as it did in the box office. It should have drowned in a 800m tidal wave that moves at 1mm/sec.

BootyGod April 11 2010 12:41 AM EDT

Lol. So true.

I loved Independence Day!

Didn't even bother to see 2012 :P

Guy needs work. Or needs to realize there ARE things outside of the growing world of CGI.

Lochnivar April 11 2010 12:46 AM EDT

Didn't even bother to see 2012 :P

Me either... I'll probably see it at some point to satisfy my disaster porn craving (heck, I've watched 'Night of the Twisters' and 'Category 6')

Personally I blame George Lucas... people saw the dialog from the later day Star Wars movies and the industry as a whole started mailing it in.

kevlar April 11 2010 1:22 AM EDT

What, no <3 for Armageddon? :O

kevlar April 11 2010 1:24 AM EDT

I loved Independence Day!

I did too, except for Data creeping the movie out. You have to admit though, ID4 was a rip-off of V. Which I might add is not a bad remake going on over at ABC.

AdminNightStrike April 12 2010 12:20 AM EDT

What, no <3 for Armageddon?

I'm guessing you missed the connection.... try again :)

kevlar April 12 2010 1:29 AM EDT

Roland Emmerich, hmmm never made the connection!


three4thsforsaken April 12 2010 4:45 AM EDT

Funny, I heard the visual were straight up amazing.

Timberwolf April 12 2010 6:45 AM EDT

Amazing, yet wholly unbelievable. You can only see the earth falling away from behind a vehicle so many times before it begins to lose its effect.

I'll agree 2012 could have been *so* much better had it been a little more grounded scientifically and the CGI scaled back just a tad.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 13 2010 12:39 PM EDT

Independance Day...

So we'll stop the aliens by plugging our Laptop into the USB slot on the Mothership... >_<

Not seen 2012, not going to. The CGI wolves form DAT were so bad, they were funny. Why do you even need CGI wolves... /sigh

As for the new V, it's so bad it might just qualify for 'terribad'. ;)
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