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Invader Sye April 23 2010 1:07 PM EDT

So I have the munchies today >_>

and I started thinking about something that I could make which would be hardy enough for a meal, but simple enough for a snack (junk food and fast food do not count).

What easy, quick, simple, but delicious recipes do you have that you could share?

Zippy April 23 2010 1:09 PM EDT

That new Kfc Double thick thing. I made it at home myself with microwave chicken and bacon and cheese. It was delicious! Like 4 mins tops.

Wasp April 23 2010 1:11 PM EDT

Bowl of cereal : )

Flamey April 23 2010 1:11 PM EDT

tin of tuna
toasted sliced bread
slices of tomato

Make a sammich. Takes like 3 minutes. It's actually something healthy I've discovered recently.

Salketer [big bucks] April 23 2010 1:22 PM EDT

Some cooking cream
Canned tuna

Fry the onion, add tuna once it has a nice color. Once the tuna is hot add cream and reduce. Serve on the pasta for a delicious meal, 10 minutes of preparation, 10 more for the pasta to cook... You could use imagination and add almost any vegetable in it.

Meat loaf could be good too, takes a minute to prepare but takes some time to cook but I remember seeing a micro-wave recipe somewhere.
Chick pea salad... Dice some onion and/or garlic, dark pepper, mayo and a chick pea can. Mayo can be replaced by any salad dressing.

Thak April 23 2010 1:26 PM EDT

Get some pretzels and dip them in Nutella

Invader Sye April 23 2010 1:30 PM EDT


This is a simple flat bread that is fun to make and comes in almost any flavor you want it to.

2 cups Flour
1 tbsp Baking Powder
Milk or Water
Fruit, Jam, Chocolate, etc
1 tbsp Cooking Oil


1) Add Flour, Baking Powder, and flavoring agents into the bowl
2) Slowly add Milk or Water while mixing the ingredients with your hand.
(add just enough milk or water so that all of the ingredients stick together)
3) Mold your dough into a ball and heat a pan on med/high heat
4) Add your cooking oil to the pan when it is hot
5) Place your dough on top and press it to an even thickness
(1/2 a thumb is good measurement)
6) Place place pan lid and cook until the bottom has browned then flip and cook the other side until the bottom has browned.

I like to top my bannock with some cheese while it is cooking. This bread goes great with almost anything, especially soups and as sandwich buns. It is bad luck to cut bannock, so always break bannock instead.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 23 2010 1:30 PM EDT

pasta, feta cheese, green olives or kalamata olives, dried or fresh tomatoes tossed with some vinaigrette or italian dressing and olive oil. ; )

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 23 2010 1:30 PM EDT

Get some nutella and dip your hand in it.

Elda-Kun April 23 2010 1:31 PM EDT

Egg salad is always good! I love egg salad sandwiches.

Boil a coupe of eggs (2-4). Peel the sells off and chop then up. Add mayo, a little bit of mustard, dill (or if you're me I add chopped dill pickles or dill relish, because who seriously keeps dill weed on hand?), paprika, & salt and pepper. Sandwich between two slices of your favorite bread.

You can add practically anything too it and it'll still taste good, I know people who like onion, grapes, apples, or nuts in theirs. Or who add tomatoes and/or lettuce to the sandwich. But I prefer mine plain. :)

Salketer [big bucks] April 23 2010 1:39 PM EDT

That made me think about another kind of egg salad... Boil eggs, dice and sit on green letuce. Add your favorite vegetables and vinaigrette.

Fastest egg sandwich: crack an egg in a bowl, scramble, micro-wave for 30 seconds, put on 2 slices of bread.
Just make sure you scramble the egg or you're gonna hate me forever.

[Where Shirt]Freekie [Lower My Fees] April 23 2010 2:07 PM EDT

<----- Delicious!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 23 2010 2:34 PM EDT

Cheese on Toast. ;)

Invader Sye April 23 2010 2:56 PM EDT

mmm, cheese melted onto strawberry jelly bannock with sliced ham in the middle ^_^


AdminG Beee April 23 2010 3:07 PM EDT

My favourite 3 min meal :)

3 eggs lightly beaten (not whisked)
add salt, add pepper
heat frying pan with a little oil and drop in some chopped mushrooms
grate a little cheese
empty mushrooms onto a plate and wipe out frying pan

add a little oil and butter to the frying pan and heat as hot as you can
add beaten egg and swirl pan to make sure egg covers all available area
keep tilting pan to avoid any runny egg being left using a flat spatula if necessary at the edges
add mushrooms and cheese once omelette starts to firm and fold in half
continue on high heat for another 30-60sec then flip over with spatula and give another 30-60sec.

Lift out and put on your plate for a yummy cheese and mushroom omelette. (change filling to suit)

Salketer [big bucks] April 23 2010 3:16 PM EDT

My Favorite "on-the-fly" breakfast. Shake some cocoa, frozen fruits and/or ice cream, add egg(s) if you like, some milk and drink while walking to work :)
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