YANPT (yet another new player thread) (in New players)

ScrObot May 8 2010 2:41 AM EDT

Achievements completed in 3.. 2.. 1! (=

I played CB1 in the summer of 2003 or 2004, just rediscovered it and am giving it another go. So, in old IRC parlance: re.

Seems like the community is smaller now, or perhaps that has to do with the Realms? It seems exponentially harder to get anything other than the common items, since they aren't in the shop anymore, and the auctions are pretty sparse; I guess deals with players are much more important now. I'm sure once I get a decent bankroll going it'll get a little easier.

I'm working on a basic archer + FB mage setup for now. I was destroying up until 20k or 25k, but now I'm hitting a lot more resistance. My encumbrance may have something to do with that though. (= I'll be on the lookout for some better items pretty soon here, I'm assuming the FS/WTB forums and chat are going to be the best places to get things. (For example, I don't see any non-lesser ToAs anywhere currently.)

Zen, no need to post the new user info block. ;)

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] May 8 2010 3:08 AM EDT


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] May 8 2010 8:32 AM EDT

Hehehe WB Bro!

QBOddBird May 8 2010 10:23 AM EDT

welcome back to CB :)

Demigod May 8 2010 11:15 AM EDT

Welcome back. The community is smaller than it was in '03-'04, but it's not remotely as small as that intro realm makes it look. But there's one correction for you -- compared to back then, it's now super easy to get elite gear. You'll be able to score elven gear in a few weeks rather than a year.

Let us know if you need anything.

Demigod May 8 2010 11:16 AM EDT

Oh, and nice Donnie Darko pic.
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