It's about that time.. (in Public Record)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] May 14 2010 11:38 AM EDT

Me and Aera Cura are multi's, and boy was it fun while it lasted :)..

Wraithlin May 14 2010 11:40 AM EDT

That's an epic run man.

What's funny is that you were doing nothing exploitive I'm sure which is why it went unnoticed.

But now you get deleted/reset just because you like this game enough to want to play twice as much.

Sorry bro.

Demigod May 14 2010 11:45 AM EDT

So does ControlFreak get credit for the find?

Sorry to see the ban hammer come for you...

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] May 14 2010 11:57 AM EDT

Banned Aera Cura, reset Kefeck.

AdminShade May 14 2010 12:58 PM EDT

What's funny is that you were doing nothing exploitive I'm sure which is why it went unnoticed.
Are you so sure of that?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] May 14 2010 1:01 PM EDT

Shade you knew all along.. What kept you from pushing the "Giant red" reset button?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 14 2010 2:28 PM EDT

The admins need to consider a lot when banning. Can be counter productive to the process. ;)

Soxjr May 14 2010 7:04 PM EDT

The person in the end that gets hurt the most here is Elite. Stuck with what.. 30 mil loss. :( .. Let's not forget who the real victim is here.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 14 2010 7:05 PM EDT

I'm sure Kefeck will be paying it all back

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- May 14 2010 7:21 PM EDT

:S I knew AC was a multi, but never thought it was Kef. :S

Weird situation much?

Demigod May 14 2010 7:24 PM EDT

So who did you think the other multi was? Kefeck told me he used the same IP for both, so it should have been an easy check. :)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] May 14 2010 8:21 PM EDT

Elite I sent you a cm regarding your money.

In short you will get it back.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 14 2010 9:00 PM EDT

Very lame... (except for Slayer being able to test his new banhammer out)

Demigod May 14 2010 9:19 PM EDT

Ah, I didn't realize it was the newly promoted Slayer who did the deed. I guess that upgrades it to a +2 Banhammer.

It takes a lot to upgrade, but the curve is steep.

Unappreciated Misnomer May 14 2010 9:20 PM EDT

He wasnt the first or will be the last to fall in a long line of cb vets who made the mistake.
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