Battle Royale is dead (in General)

skurj July 21 2010 7:04 AM EDT

Well, the link to view Battle Royale is!
From my perspective it is only Battle Royale clan as I can view other clans. It could be the My Clan link but I doubt that as I am sure it would have been found earlier.
Can someone else check, cheers.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 21 2010 7:05 AM EDT

Same with I Win for me, I cannot view my Clan without running into a server error wall :-/

Sickone July 21 2010 7:09 AM EDT

Ditto for me.
Clans -> My clan or Clan -> View standard -> click own clann both throw up this:
"The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server. "
All other clans work just fine.

Server reboot time ? :D

ScrObot July 21 2010 7:22 AM EDT

Tulkas is displeased and has introduced a "fog of war" to your own clan stats.


Demigod July 21 2010 7:30 AM EDT

This is mentioned in another thread. It looks like NS updated (and broke-ified) the clan page when he updated the rituals.

skurj July 21 2010 7:34 AM EDT

Fixed. Thanks.
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