Alternative to joining a clan (in General)

Wraithlin August 18 2010 10:05 AM EDT

So I thought of a way to allow people to play this game without being in a clan, and it would add some fun for people as well.

A new fight button, instead of normal fighting you can also choose "Duel".

In a duel, it takes the lower MPR team and scales it up to the higher MPR team, using the same XP ratios.

For example you're a 200k MPR solo FB mage with 30% HP, 50% FB and 20% AMF, you're fighting a 1 mil MPR team, you get 800k more MPR worth of training at the exact same ratio.

For if the target you are dueling is the lower MPR for whatever reason you want to duel someone lower than you, it also scales thier score up to be the same ratio it currently is at before calculating challenge bonus. If you are dueling someone higher, it uses your new MPR vs thier score for the challenge bonus calculation.

In the previous example, the solo FB mage would use his new 1 mil MPR vs his target's score to determine his challenge rating. If he were the target instead and had 300k score, his new score would be 1.5mil for the challenge bonus calculation.

If you duel someone, you get no clan points, but you get a +5% extra bonus to both XP and money. Basically you are proving that you can beat someone else's strat and are being rewarded for it, but you don't get to help your clan by doing it.

This allows all non-clan people to basically feel like they are in a clan earning a 5% bonus, it also allows anyone to fight anyone else just for fun to see how'd they do if they were equal MPR, without affecting clan fighting at all.

QBOddBird August 18 2010 10:11 AM EDT

This actually sounds like a really neat idea.

How would you take into account NW? For armor/weapons?

three4thsforsaken August 18 2010 10:13 AM EDT

the only problem with an alternative to clan fighting is that it is an alternative to clan fighting.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 18 2010 10:14 AM EDT

would it scale your tat as well?

AdminTal Destra August 18 2010 10:17 AM EDT

no such thing as an expensive tattoo then... everyone would just challenge zen or nov and get a big tat

QBOddBird August 18 2010 10:20 AM EDT

Actually, after re-reading...

"For if the target you are dueling is the lower MPR for whatever reason you want to duel someone lower than you, it also scales thier score up to be the same ratio it currently is at before calculating challenge bonus."

Down low, you can easily get score 4-5x your PR. Up high, it is quite often impossible to get your score TO your PR. This dueling system would allow higher-up players to simply duel low-level ones for an easy 100% challenge bonus.

That would definitely have to change.

Wraithlin August 18 2010 10:34 AM EDT

hmm, good point on the low level dueling, maybe if you duel someone lower than you it just sets your challenge bonus to 0. So you can duel someone lower than you for fun if you want, but it's not going to really benefit you.

Also I think the bonus should only be 2% if you're in a clan already. Otherwise the top couple clans could be running around 10% of thier fights or more as duels and not change thier clan standing too much and still be getting the full clan bonus plus the 5%.

This would also make the low end game so much easier, you could just find active players with strats you can beat even if they have 2-3 mil mpr on you, you won't affect thier clan standing at all, but you could have a much more stable fight list and be actually competing with people.

I don't think duels should change your NW or items at all, not even tats, I still want to give the older players an advantage, plus it gives people something to work for, can't give too much for free.

QBOddBird August 18 2010 10:36 AM EDT

Except that makes mages capable of dueling and tanks unable to do so.


Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 18 2010 10:59 AM EDT

what is the base bonus for just being in a clan again?

three4thsforsaken August 18 2010 10:59 AM EDT

what's the point of MPR again?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 18 2010 11:11 AM EDT

The first problem is the ability to take a god aweful Score 1 starting team, and fight them "at our own level", where it won't matter if thier FB has scaled up, they'll still be using the whip with no STR.

The idea of the Duel is interesting, but it shouldn't scale teams in any way. As metioned above, unless you also scale weapons, this is just easy wins versus all Tank teams.

RealAxis August 18 2010 11:17 AM EDT

This would defeat the purpose of trying to attain bigger chars no?

Wraithlin August 18 2010 12:42 PM EDT

no, this would not defeat the purpose of bigger chars or MPR. And it would actually help tanks not hurt them if you think about it.

First of all, dueling gets you no clan points.

Secondly, being in a good clan with high points >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> score bonus from dueling.

Thirdly, you get more ENC when you duel up, so you can use your really good gear when you make an NCB and your tank gets to use stuff way before he normally could.

Finally, I really do want all the hard work people put into gathering thier NW to still mean something, MPR already doesn't mean as much with the NCB system, but NW is still a symbol of accumulated power and should stay that way.

Wraithlin August 18 2010 12:45 PM EDT

basically dueling is not intended as a system to grow faster than being in a good clan, it's a way to make the lower levels no longer a fork-in-the-eye experience, and allow people to see what it's like to fight those top 5% types without grinding for the next 12 years of thier life.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] August 18 2010 12:49 PM EDT

But it would do exactly that wraith.

Sickone August 18 2010 12:51 PM EDT

It would be nearly impossible to balance it to be on average less important than just fighting while in a clan and also have it be relevant in most situations.
No offense w, but you haven't really begun to think about the implications of this suggestion and the wide exploitablity it can open.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] August 18 2010 12:52 PM EDT

I could see it as a novelty. Where you don't gain any experience just maybe money. Then it wouldn't be a replacement to clan fighting and you might do it just to see how you would stand if you were at their level.

VsCountStrum [Black Watch] August 18 2010 1:54 PM EDT

It could be fun to try to see how your strat would compare against others, but not for money or experience or, in my opinion, 50% of what you would normally gain.

You would be able to create one fight list and use it for a very long time. Almost very player has a builds that it does well against and ones that it does not do well. Currently, as you move up through the ranks you constantly look for players that you can beat that give you a good challenge bonus. Under your plan, I could find 6-8 very high ranked teams that are of a build that you can beat. You add them to your fight list and be able to just fight them from the time you are 10K MPR till you are 4M MPR.

It does not matter how high your team is since it will always be raised to be the same as them you are fighting. I could build a little team beat Nov and fight him forever as my team grows.
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