New player "quest" things. (in New players)

Enigmatik August 29 2010 5:19 AM EDT

I started these. It told me to recruit a new minion. Then it told me to go train to get it enough exp to put stuff on it. I did. It told me to train dex to the max. I did. Then it told me to recruit a new minion. I did. It told me to train, and told me the SAME stuff again. And then one more time. And now I can't recruit anymore minions, but its still telling me to do so :(. What do I do?

Enigmatik August 29 2010 5:20 AM EDT

Here is the training facility. At the very beginning, Dexterity is the most important to train, since if it is high enough you can avoid being hit
entirely. Later you will also want to start training Hit Points and Strength and spells.

Go ahead and choose max for Dexterity. Click Apply Changes at the bottom of the page to actually train the minion.

Notice that CB recentered your Opponents list when you trained to provide you a better challenge. The Reset link in the Opponents box does the same

Now we're going to recruit another Minion so you can train a mage. Click the 'Recruit a new Minion' button at the bottom of this page.

Enigmatik August 29 2010 5:21 AM EDT

It KEEPS giving me this, even though I can't get anymore minions :(.

iBananco [Blue Army] August 29 2010 5:24 AM EDT

The tutorial's rather bugged. I recommend ignoring its suggestions for now. Also, you don't need archery for crossbows.

Enigmatik August 29 2010 5:30 AM EDT

Well, I would like to ignore it.... but I would also like to talk in chat lol.

Ragatag August 29 2010 6:18 AM EDT

Yeah I've heard the tutorial isn't so good, feel free to PM me for any help and/or ask around in chat :)

QBOddBird August 29 2010 9:02 AM EDT

He can't enter Chat until he completes the Tutorial, Fluffy Bunny. He's not asking for strategy advice, he's reporting a loop error in the tutorial.

AdminShade August 29 2010 9:06 AM EDT

I could fix this for you, I've dealt with it before. I do need you to have enough BA for it, let me know when you have ~50 BA and let me know that I can access your account for a short while to fix it.

AdminNightStrike August 29 2010 11:12 AM EDT

I can make an admin function to give users BA to address this kind of thing until Lamuness fixes it :)

AdminNightStrike August 29 2010 11:42 AM EDT

So, I made the admin function. Please use it responsibly.

AdminShade August 29 2010 1:56 PM EDT

Thanks :)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] August 29 2010 2:04 PM EDT

So shade.. Would you mind sticking some BA's on my account? It seems I am have some issues with the "get more BA' link..


AdminShade August 29 2010 2:10 PM EDT

Actually I would mind ;)

AdminShade August 29 2010 2:17 PM EDT

Enigmatik's problem has been fixed, took me 18 BA this time.
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