Question about EC (in General)

Ankou August 29 2010 10:45 AM EDT

So my trained EC on minion 4 looks like this:
Ethereal Chains L=1,111,797 RL=1,008,433 E=555,918 RE=504,236

When I attack most targets, I get this as I expect:
The Crippling Hand cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (555918)

But attacking a select few targets yields this:
The Crippling Hand cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (756041)


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 29 2010 10:46 AM EDT

The target has an AoF equipped

QBOddBird August 29 2010 10:47 AM EDT

Check those targets you are attacking and see if they are wearing an Amulet of Focus. It increases enchantments cast on your team (EDs) but also enchantments your opponent casts on your team (EOs.)

Ankou August 29 2010 10:57 AM EDT


... ok, should have known it was an easy answer

so does this enhanced (756k)EC affect the entire team equally or do all other minions receive a normal (555k) EC and it just states the greatest affect?

QBOddBird August 29 2010 10:59 AM EDT

it affects the minion wearing the AoF, not the rest of the minions.

QBRanger August 29 2010 11:54 AM EDT


It will show up at the higher amount ONLY if the last minion is using the AoF.

Even if all minions but the last equip one, then the lower amount shows.

Lochnivar August 29 2010 12:05 PM EDT

The battle log only shows the spell effect cast upon the last minion...

This is the case for AS, GS, Haste, EC.... something to bear in mind when reviewing a fight.

AdminNightStrike August 29 2010 12:31 PM EDT

Yes, admittedly, this is a dumb way to do things. I believe I discovered this back when the AoF came out, and I thought it was dumb back then, too :)
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