problem accessing my clan (in General)

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 6:18 AM EDT

I get a server error when I attempt to access the my clan link,

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 12:32 PM EDT

Still unable to access.

AdminShade August 30 2010 12:33 PM EDT

I also get a server error when attempting to access your clan...

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 12:38 PM EDT

That's unexpected. I figured it was some global glitch.

Demigod August 30 2010 1:32 PM EDT

My own "My Clan" link works fine, and Law isn't in a clan right now. What am I missing?

AdminNightStrike August 30 2010 1:33 PM EDT

Fixed. It's because you had no score.

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 1:35 PM EDT

It's an issue with the Superheros clan. Two of my characters are in it and I want to make some changes but can't. No one is able to view the clan right and I can not do a My Clan to alter the membership.

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 1:36 PM EDT

Just tried it again and it works.

Why would no score be an issue?

miteke [Superheros] August 30 2010 1:38 PM EDT

In fact, EVERY clan starts out Monday with no score. Does that mean you can not view your clan on Monday's until you gain or lose score?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] August 30 2010 4:47 PM EDT

Could be, I don't think I have ever tried accessing a clan that doesn't have a fight of some form in the last 24 hours on monday.

AdminNightStrike September 1 2010 1:59 AM EDT

miteke - That *was* the problem. I fixed it. I think.
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