Auction bug? (in General)

Ankou September 4 2010 10:35 AM EDT

The Search function states:
[ ]Weapons (1)
[ ]Armor (5)

While searching for 'all' (as well as ending soon) shows nine items as follows:

Elven Stiletto
Helm of Ecthelion
Buckler of Mandos
Shield of Capacity
Alatar's Gloves
Displacement Boots
Beleg's Gloves
Mithril Cuirass
Tattoo of Endurance

Why is there a difference?

AdminShade September 4 2010 12:07 PM EDT

Some of the armors aren't classified(for search counted) as being armor?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] September 4 2010 12:12 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure it's just a delay thing.

Ankou September 4 2010 12:13 PM EDT

I first thought that it didn't count items that I was selling, but I am only selling one of these armors, not three as needed to account for the difference.

AdminNightStrike September 4 2010 12:42 PM EDT

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