I please the gods! (in Off-topic)

Fishead September 9 2010 1:23 AM EDT

Mandos is pleased with your victory and grants you a A Cornuthaum [0] (+8). Use it well!

Just had to brag a little about this one.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 9 2010 1:34 AM EDT

Your welcome. :-P

Lochnivar September 9 2010 1:39 AM EDT

where's mine AK?

Nice grab btw

Fishead September 9 2010 3:36 AM EDT

My first drop was an Elven Long Bow.

One night I pleased three Gods in the span of about 20 minutes for a pair of Beleg's Gloves, a Mageseeker, and Gloves of Mercy (OK, maybe that God wasn't too pleased, but at least it wasn't a Katana).

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 9 2010 6:29 AM EDT

One night I pleased three Gods in the span of about 20 minutes

Busy little fish weren'tcha?

Victimizer September 9 2010 11:42 AM EDT

I almost spit the water I was drinking on my laptop, thanks Zenai.

Lord Bob September 9 2010 11:51 AM EDT

A Cornuthaum [0] (+8).
Wow. All I get are Elven Stilettos and Shadow Cloaks.

Fishead September 9 2010 12:44 PM EDT

If you've got it, flaunt it. I'm just a God pleasing mad man!

SoIo September 9 2010 2:53 PM EDT

nice i got elven boots last
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