Naming Bug (in General)

Newlin [SeeD] September 10 2010 2:58 PM EDT

The naming on my tattoo should have expired a little over nine hours ago but instead it remains named and as far as I can tell I am still getting the naming benefit, I have no BA to test atm. Under the manage page it lists my named items and has the time remaining as a negative time.

Mortar Strike [4x1400] (+50) (Enforcer's Crossbow) 10 months 8 days
Flaming Shark Suit lvl 3,432,069 (Steel Familiar) -09:17:05

Any ideas what is going on?

Newlin [SeeD] September 10 2010 3:00 PM EDT

I just tested and I am still getting the 4% increase to my tat level.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 10 2010 3:11 PM EDT

cache flush is the likely answer.

DoS September 10 2010 3:15 PM EDT

Yup, it will expire at cache flush :)

Newlin [SeeD] September 10 2010 4:10 PM EDT

Ahh ok, thanks guys.

AdminNightStrike September 11 2010 2:15 AM EDT

Thank you for your dilligence in reporting what appeared to be a bug in your favor.
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