Strategy con queso (in General)

DH September 21 2010 3:30 AM EDT

Well...actually there's no cheese. sorry. I recently made a return to CB after a long break, given I know little about the meta these days I've come here to pick your brains. or brian's if so named. :)

So here's my thoughts on what I want to do.

I want to make a NCB in a few weeks that centers around a MoD tank. Whatever strat I choose to use, must be MoD focused. I have two known options I'm considering, one being a VA enchanter BL Exbow packing cheesecake or a single minion tank with most likely, a heavy tank setup.

Here are my options that I have been considering to work with for the first probable team.

ET team:

Enchanter being a VA/HP meat shield.

Tank being a Tatt powered BL tank. I can re ink my Halidon, run a TOA, Mage shield, HOC, EBs, EGs, AoM, Exbow and a MoD for the tank. Some people have mentioned this to be a good setup, some have offered up the heavy tank version that packs a SoD.

The other option I heard was the single minion SoD/MoD heavy tank. I have no experience with this setup and not even sure if it will work.

So...given my desire to exploit the MoD in battle... what advice or suggestions do YOU have for me.


AdminShade September 21 2010 3:37 AM EDT

Hippy! :)

QBJohnnywas September 21 2010 5:04 AM EDT

Check out Novice's char Construct. Although he's using a BoNE at the moment it will work just as well with the MoD.

Also, get yourself a Shield Of Capacity to use with the MoD rather than the Mage Shield. It soaks up physical damage during ranged and throws it back with the first melee attack you make. It only works with the hammer weapons but when it works it works very well. It's how I've a most powerful blow of over 14 mill.....

Welcome back!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 21 2010 7:42 AM EDT

here is a recent thread regarding some soc / mod ideas:

QBOddBird September 21 2010 8:20 AM EDT

Welcome back Hippy!!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 21 2010 10:12 AM EDT

I'm not a fan of the SoC personally, a good sized MS blocks more physical damage and helps with GA return, and all other damage types. The MgS is oddly the worst of the lot for me, but you may find otherwise.

When you do start things up feel free to hit me up for item loans for testing. I've got every item for a tank except bgs...

DH September 21 2010 1:25 PM EDT

If I go SoC or Mithril Shield I'll realize a massive hole in my magical defenses. At that point I would then need a 3rd minion sporting AMF and possibly Albative Shield since I'm now dilluting my exp to a point where HP will probably become a problem. Alternatively I could go really really AC heavy to offset the lack of magical defense. I think. Lower levels will be a pain in the rear given the low net worth I will need to work with. Low net worth and high AC have always been kinda a polar opposite.

Keep the ideas coming. I'm not satisfied yet.

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