How bad on a NUB? (in General)

Ankou September 23 2010 11:54 PM EDT

When I started, I was indecisive about my build and I feel that it really hurt my potential development on my limited NUB. Took me more than a month to find a strategy that I liked as well as worked.

So here I stand, with a month and a half left on my NUB. Currently, I have:

Score 4,206,051
Power 2,312,673
MPR 1,626,852
Max Tat 3,526,048
NW $80,014,325

When I am done with my NUB, at my current rate, these should be about 30% higher. How does this stack up to the norm? Am I lacking behind the regular curve? If so, how much?

Invader Sye September 23 2010 11:56 PM EDT

It's ok, you'll end up where i was when i finished my nub. probably with more money too xD

QBOddBird September 23 2010 11:57 PM EDT

I don't know what the 'regular curve' would be for new players.

If we factor in all of those who join, fight about 10 battles and then say "boring, there are no graphics!" then you are far, far ahead of the curve.

Just be as competitive as you wanna be. If you don't feel you got far enough, run a NCB; if you like where you're at, just work with the team you've got.

Demigod September 24 2010 12:04 AM EDT

I vote to run a NCB with money spent during EXP time (and getting someone to gimp a large character). Now that you know how things work, you'll advance quickly.

Guardian September 24 2010 12:05 AM EDT

good nub/ncb reach at least 3M

Sickone September 24 2010 12:37 AM EDT

Yup, you ARE way below "the curve".

A very well prepared NCB run in a high-rank clan attacking mostly clan targets past halfway up, very small target list and a lot of patience and max stored BA at the start, but without buying much BA at all past the first few days could probably pass over 4.5 mil MPR at the end if started right now.
A similar near-perfect NUB run (or a very expensive NCB run with massive BA purchase) with all its free BA and proper equipment loans at key times and not much cash wasted, most sunk into appropriate gear, probably around 5.7 mil MPR if not even a tad bit higher.
Let's face it though, you'd probably go insane trying to pull THAT one off while having a job and no mobile internet browser. I seriously doubt many would even try.

Realistically though, with a decent but not excellent strategy, no pre-stored BA before start of run, not that much great gear and some missed regenerated BA and no purchased BA at all, you should get to somewhere around 3.5 mil MPR at the end of a NCB.
With a bit of strategizing, storing up BA for the "reboot" and buring them during a Sat XP time, and tactical BA purchase during the first month of so during XP time again, you could probably get to or even over 4 mil MPR, just barely.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] September 24 2010 12:39 AM EDT

5 months ago I was reset for being a multi. Lost it all over 350 million net worth in gear and all my characters back to 0, and on top of that stuck with a debt of around 60 million.

Now look at me now. One of the fastest growing NCB's at the moment, I should easily be one of the top 5 single minion character's in the game when it's over. Killing my debt on top of building back up my net worth (at the moment around 135 million give or take). And to be honest I'm having more fun now then ever before :).

I guess in short. Even though you might think you didn't do so hot on your NUB there's always the plus side. You have all the gear you need, you have no debt, and most of all have the knowledge and dedication to start over with a ncb and really shoot for a top ten spot :)..

ScrObot September 24 2010 3:03 AM EDT

TL;DR: yeah, you're pretty far behind a couple of us who started near the same time, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon your character; do whatever you want to do. (=

I'm 4 days older than you, and here are my stats:

Score 5,669,263
Power 4,091,978
MPR 2,780,083
Max Tattoo Level 6,776,969
Net Worth $230,434,259

I've missed a little (but not much) BA and have not been optimal with my fightlist and miss most XP times, along with the normal "new player figuring out the game" issues. I'm $9m in debt but own everything else on my chars otherwise.

Does that mean "nuke it and start an NCB"? I would say not necessarily. Even though you have the gear, the money and a better idea of what you're doing, it will still take you time to get back to where you are currently (then surpass it), and you won't be able to use all your gear for a while anyway. And don't forget another month and a half of free BA buys.

I guess it comes down, do you want to "suffer" through the low game and "dead zone" again, while (potentially) spending a bunch of money on BA buys to get further ahead in four months or so?

For me, I don't have delusions of being top 5, and I'm okay with that. If I did, NCB would be the way to go.

Vu-Vu-Zela started 3 days after you and here are his stats:

Score 6,151,729
Power 4,700,372
MPR 3,199,238
Max Tattoo Level 8,427,575
Net Worth $188,687,800

He's definitely been smarter with his fightlist than I have, takes full advantage of XP times, and was smart enough to procure a large tattoo early on which also helped his growth.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 24 2010 3:23 AM EDT

You've also got to factor in the growth of new players who have great experience and knowledge in the game already :).

Ankou September 24 2010 4:34 AM EDT

I started from *almost* fresh, I had played a few months back in CB1, so I knew enough not to fumble around trying to figure everything out, I just could not decide on a build that I liked. I also paid no attention to bonus times, cause I get on when I can and knowing that they are on when I'm not does me no good.
As it stands, I feel that I can do better a second time around, but I need to build up a bit more. Still don't have all my items (cause no one *ever* wants to sell an AoF) and I want to think that might be part of what is holding me back. If I run the same build again I know I will get higher simply because I will be using all 6 months of my NCB rather than the 4-4.5 this guy will have due to my stall.

moskel September 24 2010 8:23 AM EDT

You should finish your NUB out for the CB$. When you run a NCB in the future there is no cash bonus, there is a "cash vacuum" instead. Use the rest of the NUB time to plan out your future. I'm in a similar boat to you. I fumbled around with strategy a bit and hit a wall a couple of times where my fight list got really bad so I'm going to end my NUB around 3.7M (I wanted to be quite a bit higher). I also have a 4 minion team and well maybe, a 2 minion team would be much better off so...

I'm saving up all of my CB$ right now, no more putting it into my gear for this run, I'll do as good as I can while piling up money. Then I have as many options open as I want at the end, (a) keep playing this guy, (b) chill for a while and forge and prepare gear for NCB, (c) dive head first into a new NCB knowing what to do this time around.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 24 2010 9:00 AM EDT

put it this way:

at the end of my NUB i was 1.8m MPR, flat broke, with a regularish size tat

QBOddBird September 24 2010 9:29 AM EDT

But that was 2 years ago Archie >.>
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