Pokemon: You decide! (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird September 30 2010 11:37 PM EDT

I've started a new Pokemon game - a pokemon hack, to be specific - and so CBers shall have the opportunity to pick my pokemen this game! This is my starters option:

Which should I choose?

Tal [G6] September 30 2010 11:38 PM EDT


TheShazbot September 30 2010 11:39 PM EDT

touhoumon? fffffff

DoS [Battle Royale] September 30 2010 11:39 PM EDT

Haha. Bulbasaur!

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] September 30 2010 11:39 PM EDT


QBOddBird September 30 2010 11:40 PM EDT

I'll decide at 11:45 server time!

Also forgot to ask: what to name her?

BadFish September 30 2010 11:40 PM EDT

Bulbasaur, dude.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 September 30 2010 11:44 PM EDT

I always did like redheads.

Tal [G6] September 30 2010 11:45 PM EDT

Name her Natasha

QBOddBird September 30 2010 11:48 PM EDT

2 votes bulbasaur, 2 votes charmander, only name suggestion was Natasha

SO I choose Natasha the Charmander!

Gunny Pew Pew [Red Permanent Assurance] September 30 2010 11:55 PM EDT

Natasha Da Bulba!

QBOddBird October 1 2010 12:07 AM EDT

QBOddBird October 1 2010 12:13 AM EDT

The next 5 names posted are the names of my next 5 pokemon caught.

Tal [G6] October 1 2010 12:16 AM EDT


Tal [G6] October 1 2010 12:17 AM EDT


Zippy October 1 2010 12:17 AM EDT

So ya where can I get a hold of this game please!?

Newlin [SeeD] October 1 2010 12:17 AM EDT


Hehe, I always wanted a Pokemon named after me :)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 1 2010 12:19 AM EDT


Gunny Pew Pew [Red Permanent Assurance] October 1 2010 12:23 AM EDT

+2 kef, make me a steel poke please ;)

QBOddBird October 1 2010 12:38 AM EDT

Caught 4/5, just need one more name for the last one!

Tal [G6] October 1 2010 12:39 AM EDT


Demigod October 1 2010 12:45 AM EDT

Poopikins. Do it.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 12:46 AM EDT

Didn't see a metal type, so I grabbed spearow for you, Gun; if you don't like it then I'll toss it out and grab a different one, but no guarantees on a metal pokemon.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 12:46 AM EDT

Oh, and names seem to be limited in this hax'd version to 5 characters.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 1:11 AM EDT

Just caught NS.

Minnakht October 1 2010 8:37 AM EDT

This is so awesome.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 8:45 AM EDT

If you want me to catch one and name it after you, just let me know :)
or if you want any other 5-letter name

Demigod October 1 2010 9:36 AM EDT

I've never played a Pokemon game, but if you're catching and naming hundreds of these guys, I like the idea of using as many of the CBers as possible. Just keep posting as you name them.

ResistanZ October 1 2010 11:25 AM EDT

Why are all the sprites for the Pokemon different? I'd imagine fighting with monsters is cooler than fighting with human slaves. :|

BadFish October 1 2010 11:27 AM EDT


Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] October 1 2010 1:04 PM EDT

ewww its in chinese

ResistanZ October 1 2010 1:24 PM EDT

Pretty sure it's in English.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 1:53 PM EDT

It's a partial translation. Japanese/English.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 1:57 PM EDT

Why are all the sprites for the Pokemon different? I'd imagine fighting with monsters is cooler than fighting with human slaves. :|

It's a pokemon hack, so the sprites have all been changed from monsters to little girls. Creepy? Yes. But fun? Also yes.

zev October 1 2010 3:28 PM EDT


Minnakht October 1 2010 4:41 PM EDT

Is this Fire Red/Leaf green?

I'd love to play HG/SS if they come out with it. Although maybe not the pedophile version. ;)

moskel October 1 2010 4:49 PM EDT

My daughter and Pokemon expert recommends Squirtle as it "something somethings best with the first something" -- yes, really I pay attention to what my kids say! Really!

QBOddBird October 1 2010 4:55 PM EDT

Your daughter is right, Squirtle is the strongest starter

QBOddBird October 1 2010 5:06 PM EDT

anyone wanna be a weedle? if nobody does I'm gonna pass it up

QBOddBird October 1 2010 5:34 PM EDT

Demigod October 1 2010 6:26 PM EDT

Ha! You used the S&F name.

Guardian October 1 2010 6:30 PM EDT

i could name 1 as BUBALOO!

QBOddBird October 1 2010 6:35 PM EDT

Only up to 5 characters in a name :(

ResistanZ October 1 2010 8:15 PM EDT

QBOddBird October 1 2010 9:41 PM EDT

I'm holding off on you, badfish, until I can find a fish!

Demigod October 2 2010 12:02 AM EDT

So my special move is leering? That sounds about right.

Phoenix [The Forgehood] October 2 2010 12:42 AM EDT

Guess I wait for moltres? :P

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] October 2 2010 12:46 AM EDT

Natasha finally sees a chance to carve a nice red N into MP's back and quickly moves on to her next test.

zev October 2 2010 1:40 AM EDT

my character makes a lot of sense. In real life if I were to sing many would consider it an attack on the ears. :) Although you got the gender wrong. ;)
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