See ya. (in Off-topic)

TheShazbot October 11 2010 1:46 AM EDT

I have decided that this game isn't for me, as some people are too entirely serious, and expect me to be the same way.

I sent a majority of my gear to Kefeck, but spread things around to various people, and hooked Ankou up with supportership on my way out.

Callouts here:
Gun - Stay smokin'
Oddbird - Keep hitting on women, it's amusing.
Titan/GW - Was good knowing you two and trollin'
The admin crew - Thanks for putting in effort into this game, it's definitely appreciated, and for fixing when I'm clearly non-PG in my postings.
Scrobot - Good luck, my brotha.
Kefeck - Thanks for the help when I've needed it.
All those people who farmed me: Learn to pick on people your own size. I'm looking at YOU, Mikel.

Everyone else, enjoy the game and stick with it.

- Vu-vu

Phoenix [The Forgehood] October 11 2010 1:48 AM EDT

Bai vu. Come back and visit.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] October 11 2010 1:52 AM EDT

Well bro enjoy your time away! Trust me you'll be back if only to visit :-)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 11 2010 1:55 AM EDT

They see trollin'...

Have fun, enjoy life man.

ScrObot October 11 2010 2:05 AM EDT

It may take a few years, but you'll be back. ;) Enjoy!

RealAxis October 11 2010 2:08 AM EDT

it was great having you.

Ankou October 11 2010 2:11 AM EDT

Sorry to see you leave, Hope you come back sometime.
Cant thank you enough for supporter, Wont forget your gift.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 11 2010 2:17 AM EDT

As I told you in PM, when you come back shoot me a message your stuff will be waiting for you, bigger and more scary than before ;).

Have fun in real life :).

Demigod October 11 2010 7:21 AM EDT

Hopefully you will come back, but take care in the meantime.

QBOddBird October 11 2010 8:27 AM EDT

Take care vu-vu! Hopefully we'll see you back here again someday.

Unappreciated Misnomer October 11 2010 10:20 AM EDT


Fishead October 11 2010 12:41 PM EDT

Thanks again, man. Hope to see you back sooner rather then later.

Newlin [SeeD] October 11 2010 5:35 PM EDT

You'll be missed man. Drop in from time to time.

Guardian October 11 2010 10:15 PM EDT

so sad... were doing an awesome job
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