Yo dawg I heard you like holograms... (in Off-topic)

Sickone October 23 2010 4:06 AM EDT

...so I put a hologram in your concert so you can concert while you hologram :



Messbrutal October 23 2010 4:12 AM EDT

Are people in the room seeing this cartoon girl or it's simply added on the video?

Sickone October 23 2010 4:14 AM EDT

It's a live concert, you can see the "display" if you look carefully at the start before it's fully turned on.
What you see is just what's being filmed, what anybody with eyes at the spot the camera is at would see too.
Pretty awesome, eh ?

Messbrutal October 23 2010 4:16 AM EDT

Very impressive but also makes you wonder how they still can't cure cancer or come to a solution to world hunger.

Technology is getting crazier on a day to day basis now.

Unappreciated Misnomer October 23 2010 5:13 AM EDT

that is something, makes me think of the movie macross plus. the imagine moves life like but its limited stage presences is visible. this will only get better with time.

AdminShade October 23 2010 5:21 AM EDT

display or 3 dimensional laser projection?

Sickone October 23 2010 5:29 AM EDT

Not privy to all details, but it looks like some weird combination of both a special type of substrate acting as display (you can see it when the clip starts, it's a thick translucent plate) and multiple laser projectors.

QBJohnnywas October 23 2010 6:15 AM EDT

I've seen similar, it was a display on stage with a projector, but nicely placed so that people could move around it without blocking it.
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