Massive Tat Leveling Bonanza 4! (in Public Record)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 6 2010 7:28 PM EDT

Massive Tat Leveling Bonanza 3!

Start: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,205,958

Finish: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,220,503

Total Levels Gained: 14,545

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 9 2010 7:29 PM EST

Start: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,236,391

Finish: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,247,496

Levels Gained: 11,105

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 13 2010 10:18 PM EST

Start: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,277,938

Finish: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,292,178

Levels Gained: 14,240

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 20 2010 6:13 PM EST


Start: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,308,251

Finish: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,317,544

Levels Gained: 9,293


Start: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,348,512

Finish: The War Wizard Gift lvl 16,363,128

Levels Gained: 14,616

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 10:01 AM EST

As per the Original Thread Draco/Solare owe me tat leveling services. Since I have to take an unknow amount of time off this deal is postponed until I get back and am able to play competitively again. The Stipulations in the OP still apply. If you have to Leave Draco/Solare then all I ask is that you pay back the mils owed after services already rendered have been calculated or or a few items that equal that amount in NW.

Draco owes: 4 Months of Big Exp Time Shots 160+144 or 1 Month Straight Leveling
Solare owes: 4 Months of Big Exp Time Shots 160+144

Until then no worries gentlmen. Enjoy your Blending!

Demigod November 23 2010 10:05 AM EST

"Since I have to take an unknow amount of time off this deal is postponed until I get back and am able to play competitively again."

Damn nice. Glad to see you'll be returning to competitive play. Best of luck with the next few months.

Demigod November 23 2010 10:06 AM EST

And fail. That was meant as a CM.

Solare November 23 2010 12:10 PM EST

So glad you discussed this additional part of the deal with me Zenai...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 4:49 PM EST

After Careful Consideration and a ton of CMs back and forth with Solare I have 3 words:

I Am Appalled!

I am appalled that you think it is ok to even suggest that I MUST continue with a 90Mil plus loan for your 4th Minion when my living situation is at stake just because my leaving causes problems with your gaming on CB. How Dare you!

Are you freaking serious? Are you on drugs or something? Get the damned loan from someone else there are plenty around with CBD just talk to them geeze! You honestly feel that your gaming world will crumble without me to monetarily back it up? What a joke that you think that I HAVE to value your gaming experience over my family situation in what you think is a unpleasant experience. I'm selling game stuff in hopes of getting enough USD to help with keeping my home intact that is NOT unpleasantness you freaking retard that is Desperation!

Even further that if I do not then you will not even honor the Leveling agreement that we had loooong before this point had agreed to and I paid upfront for, in what I thought was good conscious, your apt leveling services(now there's the real joke). All I asked for is that you drop me off something as recompense since you STILL owed me in the event you left the game. I honestly fail to see the unfairness in that but no you have to have a temper tantrum because you want what you want or elseナナincredible to say the least.

You honestly thought that giving me an ultimatum while I am in the situation I am in right now would get you what you wanted? In what Universe does a man pick a game deal over his family? That must either be some excellent drugs you are doing or you are completely delusional.

I want absolutely nothing to do with you and I honestly hope you rot in hell you sorry flaming sack of human feces!

I do hope your sellout goes well though. I also hope that you NEVER return to this game as you are not even worth the code your name takes up in the database. Absolutely Unbelievable!

Solare November 23 2010 5:51 PM EST

Misconstruing facts and trying to make me look bad is not going to change the fact you altered our agreement. I was going to play nice here, and give you monetary concessions for not being able to level your tattoo further, as I deemed you were in need for it, but it seems you do not want to be paid back for the aid you gave me. Since you've decided to make an argument between us public to try to humiliate me, I will not be giving you any concessions when I leave this game. I can't believe you would be this childish Zenai.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 7:31 PM EST

I was not childish Solare I was pissed off at you! Honestly I still am and altering our deal whatever dude I gave you an easy out you were the one to choose to act childish and give me an ultimatum. As far as concessions offering a nebulous amount of cash is a crappy bribe to stay quiet and let you get away without paying what you know for a fact you owe. It's the principle of the matter Solare plain and simple you would not be or feel humiliated if you didn't do something worth it, you did and you know it.

Solare November 23 2010 8:25 PM EST

Everything you said was childish Zenai. I offered you a sum of money from whatever I sell. Thats real money cash, vs. leveling your tattoo a few months. Since I won't be playing the game anymore when someone buys my character, I think thats fair. Not to mention, you claimed in our discussion you were in desperate need of money. It doesn't appear to be that way when you turn down real money.
Then you publicly announce our argument, and tell me to 'rot in hell?'
Nice, very mature.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 8:46 PM EST

Solare it is the principle. I stick by the Nebulous amount since you said you had no idea what it would be, ie you could paypal me $2 and feel that you were good to go. Besides the fact that when you said you felt you had NO obligation to pay me back since I was not going to be able to get you your 4th minion right away that sets off flags buddy. Telling a person to rot in hell because he says you have 3 choices all of which were one ended and in favor of him regardless of circumstances....Yeah I think I'm justified in saying what I said especially since one of those choices involved picking your Minion over taking care of my family.

I paid for services Solare and you owe them, pay me back the amount owed after the current services that have been rendered (either the easy out I have given or in straight CBD) or I'm going to bring an Admin into this period.

Solare November 23 2010 8:57 PM EST

You broke off our agreement, but I was still willing to work with you as far as concessions from what I make from my sale. But now you try to humiliate me, and threaten me with admin intervention? In what way does that make me feel like giving you what you feel is owed to you? I'm afraid you're going about this the wrong way, sir.
Though I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. As far as I'm concerned, this conversation is finished. I don't intend to respond to any more of your emotional outbursts.
I hope life improves for you.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 9:07 PM EST

I don't think I am owed Solare I KNOW I am owed!

Zenai July 29 10:59 PM EDT

3) For Paying off Solare's Major Debt he has agreed to burn all initial (160 Saved) and Bought BA (144) on my Tat During Big Exp Times for the Next 6+ Months.

Zenai (FuerGrissa ost Drauka) Areodjarekput (Ocapir) $31000000 -- For Tat lvling Deal 10:46 PM EDT

Solare July 30 1:19 AM EDT
I accept.

Zenai July 30 8:28 AM EDT
Further debt coverage for Solare. This extends the Time period for tat lvling.

Zenai ( FuerGrissa ost Drauka) hzarb ( The Lega) $8000000 -- For Solare/lvl Deal 8:26 AM EDT

Pay me or pay the consequences of not doing so the choice is yours.

Solare November 23 2010 10:53 PM EST

Goodbye Zenai! Best of luck to you!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 23 2010 11:26 PM EST

This is supposed to be compensation?

Solare (Milky Wey) Zenai (Z's Item Holder) A Set of Boots of Fortitude ($4120) -- IveGotTooManyItems! 9:56 PM EST

Solare (Milky Wey) Zenai (Z's Item Holder) A Pair of Alatar's Gloves ($1792) -- IveGotTooManyItems! 9:56 PM EST

Solare (Milky Wey) Zenai (Sons of Gilead) A Cloak of the Istari ($12525) -- IveGotTooManyItems! 9:55 PM EST

Solare (Milky Wey) Zenai (Sons of Gilead) A Set of Boots of Fortitude ($4120) -- IveGotTooManyItems! 9:55 PM EST

Figured about as much.....what a jerk.

I guess it is what I get anyway, your services were terrible anyway to be honest. I have never jumped through so many hoops just to get what I paid for the cost was not worth the effort. I spent almost as much on xfers as the original cost because you missed the time or whatever excuse you had for that day/time.

Yeah take care Solare and when you make a deal next try to give a good deal rather than the crap I got from you.
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