Remove any limits to joining a clan (in General)

Sickone November 24 2010 3:30 PM EST

Remove any limits to joining a clan - if somebody wants to be in a clan, let them, no matter what character size they are.
Instead make it so that effective score of a clan can become negligible through too much concentrated power in it (instead of the paltry plus/minus 10% maximum effective score adjustment we have now, make it 90% maximum, that should take care of it).

Clan bonuses should not apply at all in the first 24h after joining however (to discourage clan-hopping more than just the clan join fees).

Unappreciated Misnomer November 24 2010 3:33 PM EST

might sound good on paper but what about implementation.

Unappreciated Misnomer November 24 2010 3:40 PM EST

the way i see it clans are ok now as is, ive run a clan solo before and am quite capable to get 9-10% average bonus. now that im with BR and there are 2-3 solid people burning as much of their BA for points and we score 11-14% bonus.

all i see that can happen from this is 2 big clans, Red v Blue.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 24 2010 3:52 PM EST

IMHO clans shouldn't have a Score Bonus at all. It should be all about mentoring, strategy, assistance and camaraderie. If it would be about anything outside of those confines then it should be about CPs plain and simple.

Sickone November 24 2010 9:05 PM EST

all i see that can happen from this is 2 big clans, Red v Blue

The more clans there are, the easier is to get a bonus as solo player, the less clans there are, the fiercer the competition, but only to a point.
With just 2 huge clans, none would ever receive any bonus at all since a) 25% of 2 is less than one so my guess would be that even the top clan would not receive any bonuses and b) even if the top clan always receives 15% bonus, the proposed "score/10" thing would make it so that smaller groups (with no penalty or even a big bonus to score) would have a much greater chance of getting bonuses.
It's self-regulating :)
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