I <3 UPS (in Off-topic)

Demigod December 1 2010 5:15 PM EST

I love UPS. Tracking their deliveries reminds me of watching my late sheepdog try to herd cats. Remember that computer I ordered on November 23rd? I purchased 3-day shipping. I mistakenly thought I would get it after three days. Nope, for I used UPS.

The concept was simple. The package would start in California, make its way to a hub in South Carolina, and it would make a quick ride over to me in northern Georgia. Three business days. Bing, bang, boom.


But UPS had another idea. What's the best way to show customer support? How about a free vacation? Let's make it Hawaii! And off went my computer to surf the sandy beaches. Without me.


Then UPS decided the package needed to return to its HUB in California to start the trip over again, and from there, back to South Carolina.


At this point, I'm hoping UPS screws up again and sends it to the Virgin Islands. Hawaii's nice, but the Virgin Islands have more allure. I figure I don't need the package until Christmas, so it might as well enjoy the vacations.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 1 2010 5:16 PM EST

This made my day :)

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2010 5:17 PM EST

oh lawde! i love it

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 1 2010 5:17 PM EST

Wouldn't we all enjoy some Hawaii time for the cost of UPS shipping...

QBOddBird December 1 2010 5:17 PM EST

I wanna go to Hawaii :(

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2010 5:21 PM EST

I miss home...

Pwned December 1 2010 5:22 PM EST

Wow this was awesome :) for me. not 4 u

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2010 5:22 PM EST

I also heard that some delivery companies purposely redirect items at random during the sorting to see if the employees catch the mistake and correct the error.

maybe this is the cause?

Demigod December 1 2010 5:23 PM EST

I'm pretty sure they only do that with dummy packages. But then again, this is UPS.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] December 1 2010 9:31 PM EST


Invader Sye December 1 2010 9:57 PM EST

i wish i was your computer xD

AdminNightStrike December 1 2010 10:47 PM EST

How do you ship to Hawaii via Ground?

Demigod December 1 2010 11:06 PM EST

I don't even know how they get from California to South Carolina to Georgia in three days on the ground. Turns out they don't...

Ankou December 1 2010 11:33 PM EST

Seems to be that UPS Ground to Hawaii is really UPS Ground to California and air to Hawaii Liked the pics demi, made all the difference.

Kingkiller December 1 2010 11:40 PM EST


Demigod December 1 2010 11:54 PM EST

I'm really glad you guys like it. I figured posting the tracking log wouldn't have the same effect. And if you ever wondered what a computer looks like with a lei, now you know.

DoS December 2 2010 3:27 AM EST

Awesome pictures Demi! This was very funny. It is sort unfortunate for you, though. Hopefully you don't get it and it ends up being dinged up.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] December 5 2010 7:43 PM EST

That's logistics!

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] December 5 2010 7:56 PM EST

This makes me laugh every time :D. Have you gotten it yet?

Guardian December 5 2010 8:23 PM EST

big laugh here very cool hehehe i liked it

Demigod December 5 2010 8:34 PM EST

It arrived. The corners of the box look like they've traveled far and wide, which they have. But there's no reason for me to think the computer is damaged. And that's good, since I'm not going to open it.

I have two more packages en route. One is with UPS again, but it's currently in Atlanta. Good luck to UPS trying to find a way to mess this up. There's only one road between Atlanta and me -- I-75. If they can make a wrong turn with it, I'll be impressed.

I made sure the other package went USPS. Then I remembered that their tracking system doesn't even work most of the time. I occasionally receive updates from USPS saying my packages shipped out the day AFTER I get the actual packages.

Pwned December 5 2010 9:22 PM EST

There's only one road between Atlanta and me -- I-75. If they can make a wrong turn with it, I'll be impressed.

Lol Hilarious

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 5 2010 10:19 PM EST

They'll probably send it in the *other* direction.
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