KW / SK (in Public Record)

Guardian December 4 2010 9:17 PM EST


the price you asked.

now i think everything s okayy, right?

just confirm so u can send me tatoo.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 4 2010 10:03 PM EST

AdminShade 8:59 PM EST The way I see it, KW bought a tattoo for 47 mil.

According to the payments I've seen in this thread, he still has to pay:

15 mil to Zenai
16 mil to SK.

And KW, a fair bit of advice, swearing doesn't make this deal any better especially because you wilfully choose to always be in debt and on payment plans instead of just saving up money. If you don't pay, it's simple: you get reset if the other party asks for it so either suck it up and just pay what was agreed.

SK, some additional advice or a reminder to you, PR threads are to record deals. Then treat them that way to record what was 'said 12 hours ago' and have the other party confirm.

Well you made the deal KW you have to go through with it to keep your Credit good and your account from being reset.

a snipit from a CM between us

Besides you thought it was a good deal when you first agreed to it so why is that now changed? Oh right because you saw what I sold it to SK for.....not fair KW I told you I sold it EXTRA cheap for a reason. As far as not having a char to grow it what did that have to do with you agreeing to the deal in the first place? Nothing right? I Thought so in short stop groaning bro you made a deal and honestly it is a good one.

Bottom line KW stop being a whinner.

Guardian December 5 2010 3:26 AM EST

what a hell are yout talking about?
we are already over it, he agreed to decrease from 47 to 43,8.

and already paid 15+1 !


AdminG Beee December 5 2010 4:55 AM EST

This whole deal has been a mess and you guys haven't helped yourself by being less than clear on your forum posts.

I've CM'd the three of you and would appreciated if you could reply to let me help you sort it out once and for all.

No more on the boards please until at least I've got it clear in my head what the heck is actually going on.

Update: OK, so it's sorted. This is a perfect example of why PR threads should be clear, unambiguous and most importantly agreed in writing by all parties involved.

winner winner December 5 2010 6:08 AM EST

SK (Okay V1.3) KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) A Tattoo of Augmentation ($197666629) 6:08 AM EST

Guardian December 5 2010 9:21 AM EST

SK December 4 7:36 PM EST
no, 5m + what I paid to Zenai is 43,805,000 -16M=


winner winner December 10 2010 10:14 PM EST

1m paid 27.8m left

Minnakht December 10 2010 10:37 PM EST

Sorry for intruding, but isn't 43,805,000 -16M = 27,805,000, leaving the debt at 26.8M as of the last payment?

Guardian December 13 2010 7:09 AM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $500000 -- 3,5L kw/sk/z 7:06 AM EST

26,8- 500

26,3 LEFT

Guardian December 15 2010 5:40 PM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $500000 -- 3M KW/SK/Z 5:39 PM EST


Guardian December 17 2010 9:30 PM EST


winner winner December 20 2010 3:15 PM EST

24,850,000 left

Guardian December 21 2010 11:26 PM EST

From IP To What When
KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $400000 -- 1,7 11:24 PM EST


Guardian December 23 2010 1:43 PM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $450000 -- 1,3M left kw/sk/z 1:42 PM EST


Guardian December 25 2010 3:21 AM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $400000 -- 900k left kw/sk/z 3:20 AM EST


Guardian December 26 2010 4:39 AM EST


Guardian December 26 2010 4:39 AM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $250000 -- 650k kw/sk/z 4:38 AM EST

Guardian December 28 2010 4:52 AM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Zenai (Kronic Z) $250000 -- 400k 8:15 AM EST

23350-650 (400 kefeck+250)

22.700 left

Guardian December 31 2010 7:35 PM EST

KnightWarrior (Futae no Kiwami) Go-Flames (Demon Team) $5000000 -- 5M less for Sk debt 7:34 PM EST

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