Test of the Four Gods (in General)

Kirimori December 15 2010 3:15 AM EST

Been playing around with several ideas and this is one of them. If it gathers enough attraction, I will put together a working document so that we can all hash out the details. Crux of the idea as follows:

The Four Gods team appears only on Sundays and roughly comprised of the following setup:

1) Tulkas - Tank
Causes -10% to attackers STR & DEX
Has Highest HP & AC of Four Gods
Can Attack Twice in Each Melee Round

2) Ulmo - Archer
Causes -10% to attackers Skill levels
Can attack 3 times per ranged round
Uses Unarmed Combat in Melee

3) Mandos - Mage
Causes -1% of attackers HP to be lost per round
Uses both MM for Ranged and both MM & CoC for melee rounds

4) Varda - Enchanter
Causes -10% to attackers ED levels, negates EO spells & -10% DD Spell Levels

Four Gods will have maybe 100,000,000,000 HP that will not regenerate. They will have relatively high STR/DEX/Skills/ED levels or equipment to match. Will have to decide on appropriate level.

Rewards in terms of CPs (awarded at start of Monday) and CBD relative to amount of damage done to Four Gods. XP per fight against Four Gods team about 500 XP (per team attacking).

What do you all think? I think it should be relatively easy to implement and makes a nice change of pace...

Demigod December 15 2010 3:28 AM EST

Not that it will ever be implemented, but I do like the idea. It's quite unique. But the part I disagree with is the CP. I say it should be EXP & CBD awarded at the fall, and at high enough of a rate to make the gamble worth it. The gamble of course being the lost EXP & CBD if the gods don't fall.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 15 2010 8:05 AM EST

There is only a few that could possibly put a dent on that Team Damagewise. Good Idea but not practical in application....this would only award those in the Top Tiers. Cool to spice things up at those levels however. Its unfair that those Mid and Lower Ranks do not get some kind of equivelant. Figure out how to implement this without a way to abuse it and I will be mmore than happy to support this idea100%!

QBOddBird December 15 2010 9:50 AM EST

Rewards in terms of CPs (awarded at start of Monday) and CBD relative to amount of damage done to Four Gods.

First Decay user to attack wins?

BadFish December 15 2010 11:47 AM EST

I like it.
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