first whinge of the year: no gloves (in General)

Vicious Cat January 1 2011 4:18 AM EST

Everyone has gloves for them save the humble enchanter. Any good game reason why this is so?

AdminShade January 1 2011 4:48 AM EST

And Noldorin Spellcasters?

Vicious Cat January 1 2011 5:33 AM EST

In my opinion, something that gives *no* penalty to a minion isn't an item *for* that class. It doesn't even increase in AC for +'s!!
It's the first real time I've has a "pure" enchanter, so I've never noticed before. And it's not really so much of a whinge as a question on the lack of symmetry :-)

AdminNightStrike January 1 2011 11:37 PM EST

I don't follow. If there's no penalty, then it doesn't exist?

Vicious Cat January 2 2011 5:47 AM EST

Noldorin Spellcasters:
Base Armor Class (AC) : 0
No penalty to DX or Skills.
No penalty to Magic Spells cast by the wearer.
Normal penalty to Unarmed Combat.
Subtracts 1% from the effect of Antimagic Field per enchantment point cast on the wearer.
Upgrades do not affect Armor Class.

So, it gives no penalties to an enchanter, but gives no bonus either - I don't consider this an enchanter item.
Maybe I'm wrong, but every other class has gloves that give bonuses, but not the enchanter.
As I say, I'm not really whinging, it's just a curious lack of symmetry. I guess there's not many pure enchanters out there, so EGs are generally an option, but again they do nothing if all you have learnt is pure enchantments.
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