Forum access for users with login issues. (in General)

AdminG Beee January 4 2011 10:07 AM EST

So I accidentally banned a user who subsequently couldn't login to CB. Said user was then unable to either contact an admin (no personal info available unless you're logged in) or post on forums for help.

Over the years we've had users unable to login for one reason or another and invariably they end up creating a multi account for the sole reason of asking for help. It's no big deal and the multi account gets deleted once the problems are resolved.
It would be easier if there was a "problem logging in" board that people could post to if they needed to. Even if it were only visible to admins...

Hardly a big issue, but it comes under 'nice to have'.

AdminNightStrike January 4 2011 10:10 AM EST

We can amplify the logging in page to give recourse when a user can't login.

arlaneenalra [SimpleClan] January 4 2011 10:27 AM EST

Something as simple as adding a "contact admin" message box to the error page would probably be sufficient.

AdminShade January 4 2011 10:51 AM EST

Perhaps a player could then enter data in a field which gets put in the admin forum?

AdminNightStrike January 4 2011 3:25 PM EST

The annoying part is spam proofing it. I guess we have the existing bot check.
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