what if (in Off-topic)

Coheed January 16 2011 6:01 PM EST

Somebody makes up some customizable 2d avatars so you can have the option to display your team as your portrait. They could look different depending on what skills they have and what gear they have. For example: a minion with AS and a cornuthaum would be portrayed as a guy with an aura around him and a pointy hat. Keep the youngns entertained with pretty pictures

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 16 2011 6:14 PM EST

The Idea has been brought up a few times. Maybe this time it will come to fruition?

Demigod January 16 2011 6:47 PM EST

The problem is who would program it? It wouldn't be difficult in Flash, but it seems like a big undertaking without it.

Coheed January 16 2011 6:50 PM EST

That'd be great cuz I guarantee that alone would bring in more people and make more people wanna stay. Also I think the tutorial could be better and what if somethin was incorporated that gave the choice of multiple character team battles. Like I could pit my two characters against your two. Maybe set up like an arena specially made for that where you could enter your teams

Coheed January 16 2011 6:54 PM EST

Kol is a great example of what I'm talkin about I mean that game is text based yet very graphical
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