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DoS February 11 2011 12:01 AM EST

Hey CBers. My friend and I plan on creating a website pretty soon. I'm just wondering about where I should get my domain (.com) and get my hosting.

I believe we are planning on going with GoDaddy because they are so big and so well known, but I would like to know your opinions.

DoS February 11 2011 12:05 AM EST

Oh and 10 GBs of space would be more than enough. Our site will be mainly text and some pictures; there will be no music or video files.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] February 11 2011 1:03 AM EST

i like dreamhost

DoS February 11 2011 2:40 AM EST

i like dreamhost


Atomicboy [The Knighthood] February 11 2011 3:05 AM EST

Got a great deal on hosting from the them on MLK day. 8.95 for a whole year. Has one click install on wordpress and so far seems pretty good. I also heard bad things about godaddy.

DoS February 11 2011 11:53 AM EST

Too bad they aren't offering that right now. looks pretty good for only $4.45 / month and all of the perks they offer.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] February 11 2011 12:03 PM EST

maybe check out

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 11 2011 12:08 PM EST

it's amazing how cheap hosting gets these days...

iBananco [Blue Army] February 11 2011 12:19 PM EST

OOC how much is it for just a domain name?
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