Referral Contest Results (in Contests)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 22 2011 6:19 PM EDT

Well, the contest went pretty well guys. I know this is a late response and I'm sorry for that. I would've liked more participation, but I understand that you are busy. However, in total, we got 126 referrals in the month of December, 50 of which finished the tutorial, that's not too shabby. I'd like to hold more of these in the future, and as of such, I'm up for many suggestions about how to make this better. As a first run though, I was pretty satisfied.

Since you guys broke 100, here are the individual rewards:

4th - 5M CBD
3rd - 10M CBD
2nd - 15M CBD
1st - 20M CBD
Most referrals actively playing at the end January - 25M CBD

And now, what you have all been waiting for, the top 5!

Drumroll please....

#4:Ankou: 5
#3:novice: 18
#2:Exile: 41
#1:DoS: 43

And Sadly no one had any referrals still playing after the end of January. (Looks like retention is amazing!) So, in order to break the tie I thought about going with whoever had the user that lasted the longest, or whoever had the most users get 300 battles. This provides a dilemma because EoD had a character last till January 10, much farther than any other. But, he only had one char go over 300 battles, while Exile had 5 go over that mark. I'll have to think awhile to decide who wins the 25M

I'm throwing in an extra mil to the above prizes. Also, you have until Friday morning to check these out. The should be pretty exact as I didn't count myself, I saved all the lines and used grep -c.

As for the website rewards:

50 referrals - Decision tree for tutorial and tutorial improvement.

100 referrals - Work with NS to get a two week "training" tournament for new users

I feel bad about being so late, so I'm going to work on these two too:

150 referrals - IPhone sign up app

200 referrals - Android sign up app

To let you know the progress I'm making, I've been working on a tutorial layout that I'm hoping to present to NS this weekend. The second item on the list will be very hard to do though, but I will work hard at it. Thanks again for all those who contributed, and thanks to these guys who donated to the contest:

BadFish, NS, GBeee, Novice, Kefeck, JS and Tal. Also thanks to all others who sent over small weapons and armor. Any unused stuff has been sent to Charity. Hope to do one of these soon in the future, probably summer.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 22 2011 6:22 PM EDT

Thanks for doing this Titan!

BadFish March 22 2011 7:55 PM EDT

Not a single referral lasted past January? O.o

Newlin [SeeD] March 22 2011 8:11 PM EDT

It's good to see contests of this nature, keep at it!

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 23 2011 12:31 AM EDT

Not a single referral lasted past January? O.o

Yeah BF, I was actually very saddened by this, EoD's referral hauntedhouse did the best.

Pwned March 24 2011 12:35 AM EDT

Its too easy to abuse, there was even multis.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 24 2011 1:39 AM EDT

It's expected that people will multi, a small amount of new users multi simply out of ignorance. I don't think that was a huge problem with this contest. If I could improve this contest, I'd try to get more people involved, and try to see if we could improve the retention rate. I'd love in Exile, DoS and nov told us what they did to get referrals, and how much, if any, it cost them.

DoS March 24 2011 1:44 AM EDT

I started a contest on the forums of a Facebook game that I play and said if you signed up and did the tutorial you might win something. That's where the bulk of mine came from.

Pwned March 24 2011 9:19 PM EDT

I wrote a review about the game to get people, who were actually interested in a game like CB, to join.

Pwned March 24 2011 9:20 PM EDT

I did it in multiple gaming forums and then later someone took my referral id and started reporting them as spam and got them all deleted.
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