Admin Help! (in General)

Kirimori April 2 2011 4:54 AM EDT

Don't know how to reference a thread but its related to the named TSA I was to sell to Varda. I received the CBD but sent it to Varda (system) owned by Admin instead of Varda the user (should have put in Chaotic Endeavours).
Can any admin help re-send from system to Varda?

AdminShade April 2 2011 5:56 AM EDT

I've moved the thread to General where it can be easier replied.

The thing I find strange is that there cannot be 2 characters with the same name...?

[edit: I get it now, you sent it to the character Varda instead of looking for a character from the user Varda. Next time look better, I'll consult other admins to see what we will or will not do.]

AdminShade April 2 2011 10:43 AM EDT

fixed I hope.

AdminTal Destra April 2 2011 10:01 PM EDT

Thanks Shade!

AdminShade April 3 2011 4:01 AM EDT

nps, but I'd want to be clear about that the only reason this 'item retrieval' was performed because the account which it was sent to was a system account and not a player account.

Kirimori April 3 2011 4:52 AM EDT

Understood Shade. Thanks again. I'll be more careful in future.

Phrede April 3 2011 7:10 AM EDT

I disagree - not sure what with.
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