Scary (in Links)

Adminedyit [Superheros] May 16 2011 5:37 PM EDT

Nature is a mother.

Unappreciated Misnomer May 16 2011 5:41 PM EDT

pigeons are making way too, they cross the streets now at the designated cross walk areas with people in a timely fashion. its scary.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 16 2011 7:40 PM EDT

I remember watching Carl peck at the eyes of a foam aflac duck and thinking about some of this...

The value of human intelligence is vastly overstated in comparison to our fellow thinking beings...

Demigod May 16 2011 8:16 PM EDT

Carl? You should have named him Gregory.

Demigod May 16 2011 8:18 PM EDT

I'll go ahead and admit that was a really bad pun:

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 16 2011 9:04 PM EDT

Crows are actually my favorite kind of bird, and I have a story that goes along with this article very well.

At my last job there used to be a group of 3 crows that would always come and visit out back where we used to throw pieces of bread for them to eat. Well I used to sit and watch them from behind the window inside when I was bored just to see what they would do. One of the days the other two crows took off and there was only one of them left and a handful of scraps left over. This crow picked up a stick and used it to dig a hole in the dirt, it then proceeded to place all the remaining scraps in the hole and started to cover it up. Once it finished covering it up it placed the stick in the ground so that the stick was pointing upwards directly on top of where it had buried all the food. It looked around a few times to make sure there wasn't anything else watching it while it was doing this. Then finally after it was finished it gave one last look around before taking off.

The next day I went outside around the same time because I was curious if it had come back for the food or not. The food was gone, the hole was covered back up, and the stick that it had used was placed down right next to where the hole was but this time just flat on the ground.

All I can say is my adoration for crows has only increased since I witnessed that, and now after reading that article I love the little black birds even more.

Lochnivar May 17 2011 11:17 AM EDT

I've often thought about training crows and using them as minions in my army of darkness...

I decided against it because crows just do not shut up and I will not abide fowl language in my minions.
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