Cure for HIV / AIDS ? (in Off-topic)

Lochnivar May 21 2011 12:56 PM EDT

Someone posted this link on another website I frequent:

Apparently a stem cell transplant from someone who is immune to AIDS resulted in a 'functional cure'. They can still pass it on but are no longer subject to it's effects. Could be quite a development.

Thankfully nobody is dumb enough to outlaw stem cell research when it can be so useful.

Demigod May 21 2011 1:42 PM EDT

The quote given is "the first man in world history to have that HIV virus completely eliminated from his body."

If he can still pass it on, then it's not eliminated, just passive to this individual. But then again, I didn't hear them say he can still pass it on in the interview. He also said that a follow-up stem cell procedure cured his leukemia...

Considering that this is the first I've heard of it, let's hope it's legit. When one of the experts interviewed answered a question with "that's what the German tells us," it drew a red flag.

Guardian May 22 2011 7:10 AM EDT

Jesus took all our wounds and sins over his body on the cross. He can heal anything, but the man still only believes when the cientist, wich have received his knowledge from GOD, discovers a new healing method.

Lucas, the apostle was a doctor. But he also knows that Jesus goes beyond the cience and man knowledge.

Sorry about my bad english, but i am pushing hard and i don't use a translator.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] May 22 2011 10:58 AM EDT

He also said that a follow-up stem cell procedure cured his leukemia...

You know I find it funny that they push for a cure of cancer in it's many forms when a way to have sustained healthy rapid division would be so much more helpful.....Wolverine anyone?

As far as the cure for HIV/AIDS well about time if it is true, however I am reluctant to completely believe it. The reason why I am reluctant is that medical science 101 states a Virus has no cure, it has to be waited out until it becomes too weak to affect the body anymore or dies.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 22 2011 10:28 PM EDT

Guardian May 22 2011 11:21 PM EDT

haha gun cool \o/
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