The symbol for "solution" is .... (in Off-topic)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 29 2011 9:21 PM EDT

This ~ ? or the triangle of dots?

Is one a solution as in "I dissolved sugar in water and created a sugar-water ~ ." and the other as in "I solved for 'x' and the [insert triangle of dots here] was 78." ?

Is there some additional short form of "solution" as in "We're developing a software solution that ameliorates user idiocy." ?

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 29 2011 9:49 PM EDT

As for software (at least in businesses, I've always just seen solution.

AdminNightStrike May 29 2011 10:23 PM EDT

The three dots mean "Therefore"

As in:


AdminShade May 30 2011 1:26 AM EDT

I have never seen a symbol being given to a solution in that manner, always just the words...

lostling May 30 2011 10:03 AM EDT

why not just use underscore -.- probably the triangle dots thing if those are the only 2 options

the answer is ________

AdminNightStrike May 30 2011 11:44 AM EDT

It's a symbol for logic analysis, like the upside down A and the backwards E.
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