Q: Does the mage shield lower damage from the RBF? (in General)

QBRanger June 10 2011 11:26 AM EDT


Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] June 10 2011 11:38 AM EDT

There was a thread a while back where we decided the robf was it's own damage source and not effected by magic resist armor.. If I'm remembering correctly >.> ..

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] June 10 2011 11:53 AM EDT

Not from the mgs kind of resistence but normal ac and enchantment + do effect the robf damage. Doesnt quite make sense to me why enchantment + works but mgs doesnt.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 10 2011 1:03 PM EDT

MgS does not lower RoBF damage.

AdminNightStrike June 11 2011 7:10 PM EDT

Natasha is correct.
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