Congrats Bruins fans (in Off-topic)

kevlar June 16 2011 12:01 AM EDT

3 game 7s with the clincher being on away ice. Well done!

They said only three teams have ever done that and won a championship, The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Boston Bruins... all black and gold teams and *cough* 2 from Pitt!! (one being baseball, not hockey of course)

Lochnivar June 16 2011 12:23 AM EDT

Yes, congrats Bruins.

Now stop rioting please Vancouver.

Unappreciated Misnomer June 16 2011 5:40 AM EDT

so the rumour isnt true. Host the Olympics and win the stanley cup the following year.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 16 2011 10:26 AM EDT

Be afraid of stupid people in crowds. OMG it seems unreal seeing Vancouver doing this.

Lochnivar June 16 2011 10:28 AM EDT

People went out looking hide in the crowd and riot in my opinion.

Absolutely disgusting... hopefully all the camera phone pics and vids will lead to a nice chunk of arrests. When there is video of you stepping out of a store window carrying a TV I say forced labour camps sound good.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 16 2011 10:34 AM EDT

It's okay Loch, I hold stupid sports hooligans responsible for this madness, I know the general public is not this retarded. I did tell you that while I was in Victoria some hooligan looking dude threw a penny at my car right before he accelerated away from an intersection because he was angry, he had a bunch of other hooligan dudes in his car. heh.

Lochnivar June 16 2011 10:39 AM EDT

I don't like blaming 'sports fans' for this... they aren't sports fans, they are riot fans who happen to also watch sports.

Either way.... way to grind off that Olympic sparkle from the city.

QBRanger June 16 2011 10:40 AM EDT

A truly great Hockey playoff, from the first round to the last.

Too bad game 7 was such a blowout :(

This past decade has been a great one for Boston fans. Every one of the 4 major sport teams in Boston has now won a championship.

Lochnivar June 16 2011 10:52 AM EDT

Yeah... the Patriots now have the longest championship slump in the city... damn you Boston.

Lochnivar June 16 2011 11:18 AM EDT

Oh, and for any uninitiated hockey fans, booing Commissioner Bettman IS correct fan behavior.

Lochnivar June 16 2011 11:28 PM EDT

Romance survives in Vancouver:

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 16 2011 11:29 PM EDT

Way to ruin Vancouver's peaceful image!

But seriously ..lamewads have no good reason to riot except because??? they are expected to? Hope the fun was worth it when all the cameras are sifted through and result in hundreds of arrests later on.

Add that extra pressure to The nucks..."We better win or our fans will destroy the city"..Well Congrats to Boston. I preferred them over Van. To bad the select few ruin such a great event.

kevlar June 17 2011 12:06 AM EDT

j'bob June 19 2011 9:17 PM EDT

Boston made me so very Happy!!!

Hiya people.
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