Random NCB possibilities! (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer June 20 2011 6:12 PM EDT

Post any you can make up.

I introduce: The Double D New Character Bonus!!!

1: 1/4 HP 1/2 FB Max DM

2: 20HP Max SG w/ HoC

3: 1/3 HP 1/2 CoC Max DM

4: 1/2 HP Max MM

Swap a ToE around to suit your playing field.

...Looking back, its not that good, the Shotgun might work?

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 20 2011 6:41 PM EDT

1: 20hp 1/4 Decay Max DM (Possibly AMF if going the ToE/RoBF route)
2: 1/3 HP Max SG
3: Max HP PL Battery (PL added as needed, maxed at 1m)
4: Max HP Wall (possibly with 1m str/dex each and a massive pair of dbs and a sod)

Everything but 4 wears an AoI, tats that can be used effectively: ToE, RoBF, EF, SF, ToA (on the wall)

There's more to this strat as I would RoE this run to make sure the PL battery had between 8-10m hp by the end game, among a bunch of other tweaks I could think of. All the strats I come up with have the end game in mind.

King June 20 2011 7:56 PM EDT

Just a few random things I though of while playing with the RoS and thinking of low(ish) NW options. Most likely not viable.

SFBM with Armor proficiency and base AS

2 step training- 1/4 hp, 1/2 fb and 1/2 fb, Max DM
Equipment: AoAC, RoS, HoC, MS, SB, NSCs

Basically a fireball cannon relying on hp from the RoS for a larger bang.
- Minimal protection from GA with the DM
- Small amounts of AC to help with GA
- Most Likely requires pre-levelled tattoo
- SB potentially swapped out for DB, EB or even CML at higher levels when the halved penalties can be taken in stride.


Enchanter: 1/3 DM, Max AS - optional 500k-1M Hard HP
Equipment: AoF, RoS, Corn, SoC or MS, SB, EGs

Mage: 1/3 HP, Max MM(or SG/CoC) Until 1-2M Hard HP then Max DD
Equipment: AoI(preferred) or AoAC, BoE, HoC, CoI, SB, NSCs, SoC or MS

Enchanter/Wall: 1/2 HP, 1/3 PL(optional), 1/3 AMF, Max GA.(until roughly 7-8M Boosted/penalized GA)
Equipment: Enchanter: AoF, BoE, Corn, SC, SB, EG, SoC
Wall Variant 1: AoF, TsA, Corn, SC, CML, TGs, MS.
Optionals: Large EXbow, SoC + Morg/MoD

Open to many variations on the walls armour, Melee DDs may be difficult to utilize at lower levels. Enchanter and Wall/Enchanter positions might need to be swapped.

-RoS boosted AS further boosted by AoFs. An extra 33% easily afforded on 2 minions
-Harder to be attacked by smaller teams. The RoS' DM resistance and the more focused Exp spread help protect against DM cannons.

-PL prevents the GA from working properly unless the Wall dies/is being targeted.
-Low Damage Output with MM.
-If PL is omitted setup is weak to MsKs.
-The AMF will always be nothing more than a defense against decay.

horseguy001 June 21 2011 9:14 AM EDT

Doing something similar to Black Mesa on my next one, but with much better exp ratios, and no GA.

Minion One is a Tank wall just like Gordon Freeman is now with only HP and some Str.

Minion 2 Is a mage wall training HP and SG

Minion 3 is a small AMF and a huge AS with RoS

Minion 4 is decay and training a large SS.

I'd like 50% or more of the exp on the AS minion.

I'd like to get 400 AC on both walls, with a SS big enough to have max AC on them.

Quyen June 21 2011 9:49 AM EDT

minion 1: AS + GA + AMF + RoS + AoI
minion 2: Armor Proficiency + decay + HP + AoI
minion 3: Armor Proficiency + HP + RoBF + AoI
minion 4: decay + HP +ranged Dex Axbow/Exbow

as it says.. Post any you can make up.
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