Stopping by to just say hi (in Off-topic)

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] July 13 2011 6:43 PM EDT

For some reason it always seem that my computer brings me to this website when the rest of the "world wide web" bores me to death. So since i was passing through i figured i would say hi to the people that were not in chat ...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 13 2011 6:46 PM EDT


Long time no see bro how are ya? Btw if this seems to be a reoccurring theme then this should be an indicator that CB = Online Home :-D

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] July 13 2011 6:48 PM EDT

as soon as things settle back down i will probably be more frequent on cb

Unappreciated Misnomer July 13 2011 6:51 PM EDT

Hello Stranger. Good to see you didnt forget your password to open the door. Your rooms is still there as is ;P

Demigod July 13 2011 8:22 PM EDT

At some point, you'll get bored enough to creating an NCB. It's infectious.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 13 2011 8:29 PM EDT

hey slam, nice to see ya.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 14 2011 2:12 AM EDT

Oh hi!

Quyen July 14 2011 5:00 AM EDT

Hello der :3
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