RoS with AS and GA. DM or AMF and which DD (in General)

IPoop August 17 2011 1:23 PM EDT

NCB ends in less that two weeks so i have to decide on either fighting my way on or starting a new NBC run.
Either way im bored of my current strat even if it has allowed me to be the biggest little fish at the moment.

Ive my heart set on four minions and tattoo strat, RoS on AS with a second having GA.
I cant decide if DM is better than AMF when it comes to the next level of clanners up, people thoughts and experience would be greatfully recieved on that as ive never fought higher than this in CB.
As for the DD im leaning towards CoC while most seem to be running MM .. is MM that good at higher levels?


IPoop August 17 2011 1:28 PM EDT

sorry thats 2 months not two weeks

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 17 2011 1:38 PM EDT

Shocking Grasp is at this point the most reliable DD up high. Using an RoS you're uniquely able to train both AMF and DM to the level allowed by the tat. I always preferred dual AS honestly, but with an RoS it's likely overkill.

AS / GA+DM / SG / AMF would be my preferred setup. You could easily substitute CoC for SG and still have great results.

QBRanger August 17 2011 2:06 PM EDT

If you look at King, he uses MM quite effectively.

However, I tend to agree with novice on the use of a range 1 spell.

For 1 important reason-the RBF.

That is the bane of most if not all RoS characters since the AS/GA axis of damage does not work.

Using SG or CoC gives you some hope of overcoming the inate MR of the RBF and doing enough damage to kill your opponent. Given most RBF characters use a high HP TSA/PL minion.

Now, between SG and CoC I highly prefer CoC. I have used the EF and IF and by far the IF does better for my character. But in the end it will be your personal preference.

The other decision you have to decide on is whether to use max DM, as high as you can get it, or use DM up to the protective level of the RoS and add a bit of AMF.

If I was running a RoS character I would not worry much about decay as the GA will kill most if not all decay casters in 1 round. A 100k AMF would handle all base decays.

A good strat would possibly be:

Minion 1: All AS wearing the RoS
Minion 2: AMF to level 100k with max GA
Minion 3: 9/10 CoC and 1/10 HP
Minion 4: DM up the level of RoS protection with the rest in AS

Alternatively you can make minion 2: Max AMF and minion 4: DM up to RoS protection and rest GA as King is doing.

IPoop August 17 2011 3:17 PM EDT

cheers chaps thats just the sort of answer i was hoping for thank you!

I hadnt thought about lower level RoS protected spells as an option at all really but i am now looking forward to switching my strat even more once i make a final decision on the DD

King August 17 2011 3:39 PM EDT

MM is mostly just used to get pick kills in ranged/If you use it you should really have a secondary form of attack, the damage isn't overly impressive even less impressive if an EH and MGS are put into play.

CoC is more than likely going to run into major problems against amf/ga combos, sometimes even unable to kill a single minion due to all the backlash coming in.

If I had to do a similar team it would probably look like:

Minion 1 - Max AS w/ RoS
Minion 2 - 1/3 DM Max GA until 6-7M GA then Max DM(More GA, especially with RoS protection is useless)
Minion 3 - Max CoC
Minion 4 - Max MM

Having a single damage dealer is horrible in the higher levels, especially if it's a mage as there will always be at least 1 char using the counter to your team.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 17 2011 6:22 PM EDT

CB needs upvotes for King's post

IPoop August 17 2011 8:16 PM EDT

i honestly didnt think id get such ace replies! Will mull it over the next few days but i think i will end up changing strat pretty soon now
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